A Powerful Partnership

Wiland and Amex Advance

A breakthrough in predictive marketing has been made possible—the result of our exclusive partnership with Amex Advance℠, the consumer insights business of American Express. Advertisers, agencies, and fundraisers benefit from the data resources and proprietary insights of both Wiland and Amex Advance.

Through this unique data partnership, Amex Advance’s predictive insights are used to enrich Wiland’s vast individual-level consumer spending signals. Our AI-driven response prediction platform leverages this robust understanding of consumer purchasing behavior to create brand-unique audiences with the highest likelihood to spend with an individual brand as well as hundreds of audiences covering a wide range of consumer categories. Once created, these fully custom audiences can be activated across all platforms, channels, and devices to drive the highest possible response rates and ROI in people-based marketing.

Amex Advance scores and insights are also used in Wiland’s brand-relevant data products.

About Amex Advance

Amex Advance is able to analyze the vast majority of the $1 trillion in transactions on the American Express network to develop predictive insights on future consumer spending. Such insights can only be produced in a closed-loop system like that used by American Express. While other credit cards are issued through banks with transactions handled by processors, the American Express network maintains these proprietary insights into consumer spending behavior.

The Wiland/Amex Advance partnership uses a carefully structured process through which personal consumer data is anonymized and aggregated prior to being used in the creation of marketing audiences. No names or contact information of any kind, including whether or not a consumer is an American Express Card Member, is ever shared with Wiland or its clients.

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