Ultimate Data Division

The Ultimate Data Division of Wiland offers intelligence-driven marketing audiences–both on-demand and custom-modeled–that complement the marketing audiences fueled by the Wiland Cooperative Database. Ultimate Data audiences leverage best-of-breed, continuously refreshed information, including consumer spending data, demographic and psychographic data, social media data, and purchase intent signals from outside the cooperative database. Ultimate Data audiences use Wiland’s sophisticated predictive analytics platforms that have proven to drive our clients’ people-based marketing success in wide range of industries.

Ultimate Audiences

Ultimate Audiences™ are superior to the many “segments” that are widely available across the adtech landscape.

Wiland honors its commitment not to use client, market, and industry data from its Cooperative Database for the benefit of non-participants. But, Wiland knows that this kind of transaction information is the best basis on which to predict what consumers will buy. Thus, Ultimate Data has formed partnerships with major firms that have deep, broad consumer spending data. This detail-level data provides precise information concerning how consumers spend their discretionary income. As a result, Ultimate Audiences™ are far superior to the panels and surveys that others use to create personas and audience segments.

Wiland’s proprietary predictive modeling technology is truly best of breed. In combination with superior data, our Response Prediction Technology™ has enabled Wiland to steadily gain market share from key competitors, year after year after year. This market-superior predictive analytic capability combines with the Ultimate Data resources to produce similarly superior audiences in virtually every significant segment of the American economy.

Agencies and internal marketing departments use Ultimate Audiences™ to improve campaign performance, optimize return on ad spend, and increase market reach. Ultimate Audiences™ are available for use in all digital channels and Wiland is connected to over 150 leading digital marketing platforms. The audiences are also available for direct mail campaigns.

Ultimate Audiences™ leverages vast consumer data from diverse sources—purchase data; demographic, psychographic and interest data; social media signals; and many other sources. This real-world data is then mapped to millions of digital identifiers to create hundreds of finely tuned audiences whose future spending behavior can be predicted with remarkable accuracy. Ultimate Audiences™ are continuously optimized by billions of intent and purchase signals that reveal the interests, preferences, and likely purchase behaviors of every consumer in the U.S.

That means marketers have immediate access to audiences that demonstrate strong affinity with their offers and promotions. So whether the goal is to build brand awareness, acquire new customers, or support campaigns in other channels, Ultimate Audiences™ deliver the attention of the people that organizations need to reach in their digital advertising platforms of choice.

Benefits for marketers who use Ultimate Audiences™ in their addressable display and other advertising efforts include:

  • Quality of Data

    Ultimate Audiences™ are crafted from a wide range of authoritative sources, and continually refreshed.

  • Wide Selection

    Ultimate Audiences™ offer more choices of narrowly targeted segments than any other audience provider.

  • Performance

    Ultimate Audiences™ offer hundreds of ready-to-deliver niche audience segments that perform better than typical audiences available elsewhere.

  • Ease of Use

    In just minutes, advertisers can identify and activate brand-relevant, on-demand audiences for their programmatic advertising using the Ultimate Audiences™ self-serve platform.

  • Affordability

    Ultimate Audiences™ offer high-quality, predictively modeled audiences for the same price—and often less—than standard off-the-shelf audiences available elsewhere.