Ultimate Data™

Ultimate Data offers intelligence-driven marketing products and solutions that complement those fueled by the Wiland Cooperative Database. Ultimate Data leverages diverse marketing data from best-of-breed information partners covering categories including:

  1. Consumer spending data
  2. Demographics and psychographics
  3. Lifestyle and interest data
  4. Social media insights
  5. Purchase intent signals
  6. Geographical indicators
  7. Automotive data
  8. Homeownership data


By leveraging this vast and diverse data, we are able to honor our long-standing commitment never to use the vast transaction data of our Cooperative Database Division clients in products created for non-participants. Thus, while fueled by different data resources, Ultimate Data marketing audiences and other products still benefit from Wiland’s proprietary response prediction technology and historic leadership and innovation in data analytics and predictive modeling.

Among the marketing products offered by Ultimate Data are Ultimate Audiences™—powerful, highly responsive marketing audiences that drive improved performance of targeted media spending in all channels. Ultimate Audiences are deliverable to more than 180 major DSPs and advertising platforms.

Ultimate Audiences™

On-Demand Marketing Segments for Every Brand

Ultimate Audiences leverage the vast consumer intelligence of the Ultimate Database™ to deliver finely tuned marketing audiences whose future spending behavior can be predicted with remarkable accuracy. Because these audiences are ready to deliver, you can deploy them immediately in your digital and direct mail campaigns. Digital audiences can be deployed through Facebook, The Trade Desk, Direct TV, Twitter, and more than 150 major DSPs and advertising platforms.

UltimateAudiences.com, an intuitive self-service website, makes it easy to discover highly relevant audiences, decide which ones to use in your campaigns, and then deploy them through your preferred ad platforms. Check it out here:


The benefits for marketers who use Ultimate Audiences™ in both addressable digital advertising and direct mail include:

  • Data Quality

    Ultimate Audiences™ are crafted from a wide range of authoritative data sources and are continually refreshed to optimize results.

  • Selection

    Ultimate Audiences™ offer more choices of narrowly targeted segments than any other source of on-demand marketing audiences.

  • Performance

    Ultimate Audiences™ outperform typical syndicated audiences available elsewhere.

  • Affordability

    Ultimate Audiences™ offer high-quality, predictively modeled audiences for the same price—and often less—than standard, off-the-shelf audiences available elsewhere.

Ultimate Audiences Powered by Amex Advance℠

As a division of Wiland, Inc. Ultimate Data has partnered with Amex Advance℠—a personalization business within American Express—to offer Ultimate Audiences powered by AMEX Advance℠. These uniquely responsive audiences provide advertisers with superior prospects for their multichannel campaigns.

Ultimate Audiences powered by Amex Advance℠ utilize a carefully structured process through which consumer data is anonymized and aggregated prior to being used in the creation of marketing audiences so that personal information remains private and is protected.

Audience Tiers

When an audience is delivered to your preferred platform, it is sent in three tiers that enable greater precision in programmatic bidding and media spend:

  • Platinum: Consumers who are most likely to spend soon in your category are in the Platinum tier. Strategy: Bid higher to win programmatic ad opportunities; optimize to achieve strong results. Typically, about 15% of the total audience size is Platinum.
  • Gold: Likely responders to your brand and offers. Strategy: Bid lower than for Platinum; achieve strong results because of lower cost. Typically, about 30% of the total audience size is Gold.
  • Silver: Good prospects who can likely be acquired at lower media cost. The Silver tier extends reach at low per impression cost. Strategy: Bid lower, extend reach, and achieve good ROI.

These distinct tiers empower you to optimize your ad spending based on predicted responsiveness. This gives you confidence that your media budget is being directed with the greatest potential to achieve high Return on Ad Spend and your other KPIs.

On-Demand Direct Mail Audiences

Ultimate On-Demand Direct Mail Audiences—selected from the Platinum Tier of a given audience—offer ultra-precise targeting of superior prospect names. They can be used as a stand-alone direct mail solution and can also be used in powerful co-targeting campaigns, enabling you to reach the same audience in the mail and online.

Custom Audiences

In addition to the vast selection of Ultimate On-Demand Audiences available, powerful custom-modeled audiences are also available. By applying predictive analytics across the vast consumer spending and other data in the Ultimate Database, we can deliver custom prospect audiences uniquely tailored for your brand. As with all Ultimate Audiences, custom audiences are delivered to the ad networks of your choice, including Facebook, The Trade Desk, Twitter, and more than 150 other ad platforms and DSPs, where they can be deployed across multiple digital channels as well as in direct mail campaigns.

Looking for High-Performance Marketing Audiences for Your Brand?

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Ultimate Data Division: Team

Division Leadership

Picture of Michael Gingell

Michael Gingell

President, Ultimate Data Division

Mike is a catalyst for change who infuses the organization with a customer and market centric mindset. He is responsible for leading Wiland’s Ultimate Data Division.  This includes the sale of non-cooperative database products across all markets, the development of co-created marketing audiences via audience partners, the overall management of the Automotive, Financial Services, and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industries, and the development of digital newsletters and the direct-to-consumer data aggregation businesses.

Mike has over 20 years of experience in the information industry.  He held general management and sales roles on the leadership teams at R.L. Polk & Co. as well as IHS Automotive. He led global product management organizations and North American sales and marketing teams, as well as leading corporate restructuring efforts in the U.S. and Europe. Mike was inducted as a Young Leader into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 2006 and remains active in the automotive industry. In addition to his focus on the company’s data products and partnerships, Mike brings a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, operations management, brand management, and leadership development.

Mike is proud to come from a family of small business owners and entrepreneurs. His great-grandparents founded the town of Gingellville in 1837 after receiving a land grant from President Andrew Jackson and successfully ran the hardware store, grocery store, and gas station for multiple generations. Mike received his undergraduate degree from Oakland University and his MBA from Wayne State University. When he is not working, Mike enjoys participating in his kids’ sporting events and local politics. He is currently serving his fifth term as an Oakland County Commissioner and is the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

Favorite Quote: “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” —John F. Kennedy

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New Business Development

Picture of Chris DeMartine

Chris DeMartine

SVP, Ultimate Audiences

Chris leads the Ultimate Audiences business development team, helping agencies and brands find the right custom and on-demand audiences for their advertising programs. Chris’s career began in 1991 with IBM, followed by Canon where he managed a dealer network and landed several new major accounts for the Government Marketing Division. After five years he accepted a position at American List Counsel, where he spent a decade building data marts, creating hundreds of business intelligence reporting solutions, and automating processes that fueled the company’s growth. From there he served at NextMark for seven years, tripling the business in size through a balanced effort of acquisition and organic growth.

Other roles at V12 Group and Statlistics provided Chris the opportunity to work directly with top B2B and B2C clients, many of which resulted from his new business development efforts. He served as President of the Vermont/New Hampshire Marketing Group, contributes to leading trade publications, and speaks at industry events and universities.

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Picture of Chris Royle

Chris Royle

SVP, Vertical Markets

Chris brings over 20 years of product management experience to his role as Senior Vice President, Vertical Markets, on Wiland’s Ultimate Data Division team. In this role, Chris leverages his diverse experience working with clients to identify and implement solutions for their complex business challenges, tackle aggressive objectives, and bring his clients solutions that will exceed their goals and expectations.

A creative problem solver and masterful communicator, Chris has excelled throughout his career in understanding his clients’ business challenges and translating them into innovative technical solutions. Having held leadership roles at successful start-up companies as well as prominent, industry-leading automotive organizations, Chris has vast experience utilizing the power of data and predictive analytics to bring his clients increased success throughout every step of their relationship, from problem identification to solution design, proposal development, and implementation. In his role on the Ultimate Data team, Chris looks to deliver innovative, intelligence-driven marketing solutions to his clients across a vast marketplace.

Outside of work, Chris enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, boating, and delving into home improvement projects.

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Picture of Jerry Joyce

Jerry Joyce

VP, New Business Development

From serving Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurs, Jerry is regularly called upon to help his clients achieve ambitious goals for growth. His skills in developing creative campaign approaches that leverage data resources and key modeling techniques have helped a wide range of companies meet and exceed their goals. Jerry manages Ultimate Data’s Financial Services vertical, focusing on delivering custom-built audience solutions to drive client growth.

Jerry brings almost 20 years of direct-to-consumer marketing experience to his client base. Starting his career on the marketer side at HSN Catalog Services’ Improvements Catalog, he was responsible for acquiring new customers, generating incremental demand from current customers, and reactivating dormant customers. Since then he has held roles in account management and business development, helping hundreds of brands achieve their revenue and profit objectives. Most recently, Jerry managed the launch of the Wiland, Inc. and Amex Advance℠ partnership, resulting in the creation of hundreds of on-demand audiences powered through the partnership as well as dozens of custom solutions constructed for existing and new clients.

Ask Jerry what he loves outside of work, and he’ll tell you it’s coaching his kids Andrew, Lucy, and Danny in sports, volunteering for Junior Achievement™, fishing, and tackling DIY projects around the house.

Favorite Quote: “Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” —St. John Paul II

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Picture of William Bock

William Bock

VP, New Business Development

William is a digital marketing professional who consistently exceeds expectations and delivers robust, data-driven business outcomes here at Wiland.

His diverse and extensive experience includes the application of transactional data to audience creation and optimization for clients across the broadcast media and retail categories.  He brings hands-on experience and an intimate familiarity with leading advertising and marketing technologies, including Data Management, Demand-Side, and Customer Data Platforms.  William’s expertise and depth of knowledge have repeatedly delivered top of the line results for clients.

William attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and remains a loyal Ravens fan to this day. When not in the office, William enjoys traveling, gardening, and cooking.

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Picture of Denise Indovina

Denise Indovina

VP, New Business Development

Denise’s experience across multiple marketing disciplines working with brands both in the U.S. and internationally makes her a true asset to her clients as Vice President, New Business Development on Wiland’s Ultimate Data Division team. With a career rooted in helping clients build their businesses through sophisticated, innovative data strategies, Denise leverages her expertise in sales and account leadership, data analytics, audience-based targeting, and brand management to bring success to her consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals industry clients.

A Toronto native, Denise attended Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, before beginning her career in brand management with James River and Buena Vista Home Entertainment. From there, Denise began focusing on consumer marketing data, holding leadership positions with ICOM, a part of Epsilon, for 17 years before moving to North Carolina-based agency Concinnity Marketing. Here at Wiland, Denise looks to bring the company’s unique, world-class data products to her clients, fostering their brand’s growth and value with consumers.

Outside of work, Denise enjoys golfing, skiing, traveling, cooking, and spending time with her twin daughters. Denise stays busy as a board member on the PTA of her daughters’ school and as a board member of the Women’s South Carolina Golf Association. Denise is also Co-Chair of the Mentoring Pillar of the Carolinas Chapter of the Network of Executive Women, and she also serves on the board of TMI, a nonprofit focused on supporting people with mental health issues in South Carolina.

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Picture of Ralph Jaworowski

Ralph Jaworowski

VP, New Business Development

Ralph comes to Wiland’s Ultimate Data Division with over 20 years of experience in consultative and strategic sales in the direct marketing industry. Passionate about helping clients find innovative ways to connect their products and services to their audiences, Ralph brings a wealth of knowledge in data, analytics, and integrated direct marketing solutions to his role as Vice President, New Business Development.

A Detroit area native and seasoned automotive marketer, Ralph has held a variety of account management and business development leadership positions throughout his career, working for companies including Pii, ICS Marketing Services, Ancor Information Management, and advertising agency Campbell Ewald.  Ralph has vast experience advising clients on their marketing programs from concept through execution and helping clients better understand and reach their customers and prospects in relevant, measurable ways. Ralph is a former president of the Direct Marketing Association of Detroit (DMAD) and has held various positions on the DMAD Board of Directors.

In today’s exciting automotive landscape, Ralph looks to bring this background in data, strategy, and innovation to his mobility vertical specialty and to the dynamic, forward-thinking Ultimate Data Division team as a whole.

Outside of work, Ralph enjoys fly fishing, golfing, and skiing.

Favorite Quote: “Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” —Brian Tracy

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Picture of Cori Rice

Cori Rice

VP, New Business Development

As Vice President of New Business Development in Wiland’s Ultimate Data Division, Cori works with home services and entertainment companies to help them find the right solutions and customers that will lead to them exceeding their marketing goals. With a vast consumer services background, Cori has worked in sales for over 20 years, most recently for over 10 years at SK&A. Cori loves building new relationships, and she’s proud to say that many of her past clients are now her friends.

Originally from Michigan, Cori moved to California with her family in the early eighties and never looked back. With a degree in psychology from Cal State Fullerton, Cori has a genuine interest in people, helping others, and making the world a better place, which translates perfectly into the client-first, integrity-driven culture at Wiland.

In her free time, Cori thoroughly enjoys the Southern California lifestyle, where she can both go to the beach and hit the slopes on her snowboard in the same day. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Geoff, and their yellow lab, Harley, watching football, attending spin class, volunteering, and catching up with her parents and three younger siblings, all of whom live nearby.

Favorite Quote: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa

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Picture of Mark Todd

Mark Todd

VP, New Business Development

A true and sincere people person, Mark translates his vast knowledge of the publishing sector to clients throughout the home and personal services and travel and hospitality industries as Vice President of Business Development in Wiland’s Ultimate Data Division. Adept at bringing clients effective solutions that solve their unique needs and concerns, Mark looks to build relationships with and attain success for each client he works with.

Mark’s background includes immense experience in account management and business development roles primarily within the publishing industry. Mark was first introduced to the publishing world through the tough yet terrific training ground of working in and managing a call center before moving into client account management in an analytical and cooperative database environment at Experian. From advising clients on how to better manage their audience development strategies to putting his genuine listening and problem-solving skills to work, Mark has built a career rooted in client success.

Outside of work, Mark stays busy traveling, hiking, and biking with his five children. He is also an accomplished musician, giving his love for interacting with and getting to know people a creative outlet as he plays clubs, weddings, and parties with his two professional bands.

Favorite Quote: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t—you’re right.” —Henry Ford

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Client Services

Picture of Dave Hill

Dave Hill

SVP, Client Services

Dave is a self-proclaimed man of numbers who brings a wealth of direct marketing knowledge in digital and offline environments to his role as Senior Vice President of Client Services in Wiland’s Ultimate Data Division. With a double major in finance and economics, Dave brings his data-driven focus to overseeing a team responsible for the delivery of solutions and services to several hundred Wiland clients.

Dave’s nearly 30 years of direct marketing experience began at Fingerhut, where he held multiple marketing-related positions. He then moved on to catalog marketer Michigan Bulb, which was part of Foster & Gallagher, where he led the new customer acquisition marketing and circulations functions and oversaw direct response advertising decisions and vendor relationships for more than four years. Prior to joining Wiland, Dave also held a variety of senior positions with Epsilon.

Outside of work, Dave has been trained in effective negotiation, management, and coaching for success.

Favorite Quote: “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!” —Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

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Picture of Dave Courage

Dave Courage

Client Services Director

People, ideas, data, and strategy are the key elements of a healthy business ecosystem that Dave Courage brings together to create opportunities for quantifiable improvement and growth for his clients. As Client Services Director with Wiland’s Ultimate Data Division, Dave seeks to connect these dots to drive increased marketing success for his clients.

Dave has a distinguished career building effective marketing programs for large, national publications and media companies—starting at U.S. News & World Report, and moving on to manager and director roles in consumer marketing strategy at HarperCollins, Condé Nast, and Scientific American. He brings a unique sense of urgency and focus to crafting innovative solutions that drive traffic, engagement, and revenue for his clients. A strategic thinker, Dave takes the time to understand his clients’ business objectives in order to identify solutions that fit their individual needs. Constantly seeking ways to improve and grow, Dave is committed to achieving unprecedented success for his clients.

Dave has a degree in psychology from Vassar College in New York and received his master’s degree in business administration from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Seeking to build and improve outside of the office as well, he spends his free time running, cooking, reading, and woodworking.

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Picture of April Simon

April Simon

Client Services Director

April brings extensive marketing experience and a deep knowledge of Wiland’s products, services, and philosophy to all of her client relationships in her role as Client Services Director within the Ultimate Data Division. Having worked with clients across a wide range of industries, April enjoys solving unique challenges and finds fun and enlightenment in coming to truly understand her clients’ goals and objectives, allowing her to help them find the best solutions possible to meet their needs.

April began her direct marketing career with National Demographics & Lifestyles in 1993 before moving on to Arvato, part of Bertelsmann, which often provided the opportunity to travel abroad, specifically to Germany. April came to Wiland in 2007, where she advanced to outside sales. A cancer survivor, April credits both her family and her Wiland colleagues for lovingly helping her through to where she is today, and she brings a fresh, positive perspective to everything she does professionally and personally.

When she’s not at work, April enjoys spending time with her family and is also busy taking care of her own personal menagerie of pets and animals. From her beloved dogs to her ducks, pigs, goats, and even steer, there is always something or someone to be tended to on her farm.

Favorite Quote: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” —Dale Carnegie (attributed) by way of April’s mother

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Product Management

Picture of Brian Oakes

Brian Oakes

VP, Ultimate Media

With a penchant for problem-solving, Brian brings his experience leading Wiland’s political team to his new role as Vice President of Ultimate Media. With a background in politics, Brian has worked on campaigns for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, and as a staffer for the U.S. Congress. Since joining Wiland, Brian has helped establish it as the premier political cooperative database in America. Brian looks to bring that same level of success to Ultimate Media, where he will be focused on creating high-value products and services for Wiland’s Ultimate Data Division.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys reading, hiking, playing chess, cooking, and traveling.

Favorite Quote: “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.” Attributed to Hannibal, this Latin phrase means, “I shall either find a way or make one.”

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