Ultimate Data offers intelligence-driven predictive marketing solutions that complement those fueled by the Wiland Cooperative Database. The Ultimate Database contains comprehensive consumer spending data, proprietary social media insights, and licensed data from best-of-breed information partners. Ultimate Data’s diverse intelligence resources include:

  1. Consumer spending data
  2. Demographics and psychographics
  3. Lifestyle and interest data
  4. Social media insights
  5. Purchase intent signals
  6. Geographical indicators
  7. Automotive data
  8. Homeownership data


By leveraging this vast and diverse data, we are able to honor our long-standing commitment never to use the vast transaction data of our Cooperative Database Division clients in products created for non-participants. Thus, while fueled by different data resources, Ultimate Data marketing audiences and other products still benefit from Wiland’s proprietary response prediction technology and historic leadership and innovation in data analytics and predictive modeling.

Among the marketing products offered by Ultimate Data are Ultimate Audiences®—powerful, highly responsive marketing audiences that drive improved performance of targeted media spending in all channels. Ultimate Audiences are deliverable to Facebook and all other leading DSPs and ad platforms.