A Vision Realized: The Launch of Wiland Insights™


This week’s launch of Wiland Insights™ brings to fruition years of commitment, ingenuity, and 60,000 hours in original software development. It is, in our estimation, the most comprehensive business intelligence solution ever created for the industries we serve.

We made Wiland Insights™ to be powerful, yet easy and intuitive to use, so that it can immediately drive better-informed decision-making for your organization. Clients who have already begun using it are amazed at the new insights and perspectives they are gaining.

Answering the Big Questions

Wiland Insights™ not only makes your organization’s extensive business data easy to visualize and immediately actionable—it also compares your data with the vast information in the Wiland Database. As a result, it answers questions that marketers, merchandisers, and fundraisers perennially ask themselves—questions like:

How does our revenue growth compare to similar organizations in our category?

During what times of the year do our acquisition efforts produce the highest repeat purchase or donation rates and the most long-term revenue?

How does our customer or donor retention rate compare to that of others in our category?

In what geographic areas do we have the greatest penetration relative to other organizations in our category?

Important questions like these—ones that point to your future success—are crucial to ask. But knowing the questions is just a start. It has been my experience that even when companies know what questions to ask, few have the resources to answer them.

But today, with the launch of Wiland Insights™, everything changes.

Don’t Wait. Wiland Insights is Ready Now!

If you are a Wiland client, you are entitled to an all-access preview of your organization’s Wiland Insights™ Premium reports for 30 days, with no obligation. You’ll be amazed by what you learn in just that amount of time, so talk to your Client Services representative about the easy set-up process and get started right away.

If you’re not already a Wiland client, this is yet another great reason to become one! So be sure to request a live demonstration. Email us at sales@wiland.com and a member of our team will reach out to schedule a demo for you.

Finally, be sure to watch the video (click below) to learn more about Wiland Insights™.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you after you’ve had a chance to see this powerful business intelligence product for yourself.

In closing, I’d like to thank the many talented people here at Wiland who have brought about this excellent product—too many to name here. Without their hard work, ingenuity, and more than just a few late nights, Wiland Insights™ would not have been possible. To see this dream realized is rewarding not only for its own sake, but more importantly, it is gratifying to know the positive impact Wiland Insights™ will have on our clients’ future success.

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