Automotive Market Expert Mike Gingell Joins Wiland


We’re excited to announce that automotive industry veteran Mike Gingell has joined Wiland to lead our automotive solutions team.

Gingell will serve as the SVP of automotive services, and comes to us with 20-plus years of experience in automotive market analysis, data acquisition, product management, and sales. Based in Detroit, Gingell will act as Wiland’s primary point of contact with marketing and business intelligence leaders in the automobile industry.

“Wiland’s sustained growth is testimony to its ability to help companies identify, engage, and cultivate new buyers while optimizing relationships with existing customers,” Mike recently stated. “Our entry into this market brings these same opportunities to the nation’s leading automotive brands.” Wiland’s entry into the automotive industry marks an exciting opportunity for automobile manufacturers and large dealer groups. They will be able to gain additional, previously untapped insights into buyer behavior, which will help drive highly targeted marketing programs.

“Mike is an accomplished professional with a passion for the automotive industry,” said Phil Wiland, president and chairman of Wiland, Inc. “His tremendous experience and leadership will contribute to our success in this market.”

In addition to serving the automotive industry, Wiland provides data-driven marketing solutions in online and offline channels for a wide range of consumer sectors including multichannel retail, home and personal services, publishing, travel and hospitality, and others. With detailed transactional data on virtually every adult consumer in the U.S., Wiland offers marketers a unique, 360-degree view of their prospects and customers. This depth of insight gives our clients a competitive edge in each of their respective industries.

We’re excited to have Mike Join the Wiland team and are looking forward to driving innovation in data-driven, predictive marketing solutions in the automotive industry.

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