Happy National Nonprofit Day!


Here at Wiland, we have the privilege of helping thousands of businesses and nonprofit organizations grow their revenue and enhance their relationships with customers and donors. We use our massive amounts of data and sophisticated predictive analytics to do one thing:

Create a meaningful connection between one organization and one individual.

This experience is, of course, repeated millions of times every day. At its core, it still always comes down to getting the right message to the right person in the right channel and marshalling the power of data and analytics to make those millions of connections possible.

Among our most gratifying experiences is hearing the many stories from our nonprofit clients telling us how much of a difference we are making in helping them raise funds to support their missions. We appreciate the good work they do in everything from solving medical mysteries and feeding the hungry to sustaining the arts, supporting our nation’s veterans, caring for abandoned animals, keeping museums open, and much more.

The work of nonprofits makes this world more humane and helps to create a more civil society. We honor them on this day of recognition—National Nonprofit Day—knowing that, for them, this is just another day of changing the world for the better.

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