Introducing CLEAR Advantage™


If you know one thing about Wiland, it’s that we are always pushing ourselves to produce better results for our clients. That unwavering commitment explains our continued double-digit growth and our increasing market share in the industries we serve. The bottom line is that our acquisition and optimization solutions work amazingly well.

But we are never satisfied.

So once again we’ve pushed ourselves to beat our own industry-best solutions. This time, it involves the launch of a major new audience modeling platform called CLEAR™. It is the result of three years of extensive R&D, testing, and validation. The first product to deploy from the CLEAR™ platform is CLEAR Advantage™, a response modeling solution that produces very large numbers of high-value responders that other solutions can miss.

CLEAR Advantage™ analyzes myriad transactional data points and integrates hundreds of machine learning processes. It detects relevant interactions within the data in order to systematically construct fully custom, client-specific variables that predict prospect responsiveness.

In addition to finding highly responsive new prospects, the CLEAR™ modeling platform has also proven to predict non-responsiveness with great precision. The result is a new level of marketing efficiency that reduces wasted marketing spend and drives improved campaign ROI.

In the course of testing CLEAR Advantage™, we studied nearly 100 acquisition marketing campaigns of 32 clients across diverse industries. The results were astonishing, regardless of industry. The median lift at the top of the CLEAR Advantage™ models was over 28%.

So as you can imagine, we are excited to announce that effective immediately, all Wiland clients are able to begin incorporating CLEAR Advantage™ in their upcoming promotions. If you would like additional information about the CLEAR™ modeling platform, you can learn more at: or contact your Wiland representative.

Wishing you all the best for a prosperous and happy New Year!

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