The Importance of Email in Political Fundraising


Wiland has long provided effective fundraising solutions to political organizations and candidate campaigns. We have consistently produced superior results for our clients in the direct mail channel.

But digital channels are increasingly important in political fundraising. That’s why we’re excited to announce our Email Solutions for Political Fundraisers. It uses sophisticated audience data analysis to accurately target potential donors.

With a massive database of opt-in email addresses of known contributors to conservative causes, we can deploy highly targeted email campaigns, segmented and customized according to the issues most important to each recipient—issues and affinities that include:

•    Republican Party Affiliation
•    Tea Party Affiliation
•    Border Control Proponents
•    Second Amendment Rights
•    Social Conservatives
•    Economic Conservatives
•    Veterans
•    Seniors

Candidates from both sides of the aisle realize the importance of email this election season. The role of email will continue to be significant for political fundraisers after the election. The dust will settle and political organizations will need to fund the effort to inform legislators and the public, while building awareness for the issues that are important to them.

So as you plan ahead for the 2016 campaign and beyond, our email fundraising solution is an effective, affordable way to add high-quality new donors.

All the best for a successful 2016 campaign…and beyond.


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