Intelligence-Driven Display Advertising

While it is easy to measure display advertising simply in terms of clicks and conversions, at Wiland, we take a holistic approach, giving our clients a more strategic view of their digital marketing opportunities, with an emphasis on measurable results. And because our digital solutions leverage our vast, proprietary consumer data, sophisticated analytics, and predictive audience modeling, we enable you to reach not only more customers, but better customers—those most likely to become loyal buyers, donors and subscribers.

Customizable Solutions

Our intelligence-driven display advertising campaigns are deployed through four customizable solutions:

  • Acquisition Marketing  Affordably acquire new, high-quality customers, donors, and subscribers.
  • Customer/Donor Marketing  Increase revenue and profit from active and lapsed customers, donors, and subscribers.
  • Retargeting  Boost typical retargeting response rates by segmenting recent site visitors, optimizing creative, and bidding accordingly.
  • Co-Targeting  Increase response in multichannel campaigns with simultaneous digital and offline marketing.

These four solutions, whether deployed individually or in combination, provide marketers with a highly intelligent, ROI-centric approach to display advertising.

The Wiland Advantage: The Nation's Most Comprehensive Consumer Database

Successful digital advertising begins with the Wiland Database—the largest, most diverse consumer transaction database in the U.S. Continuously updated with the transactional data of 3,000+ companies and organizations from multiple industries, our database includes myriad data points on more than 235 million U.S. consumers. Using this vast data, we build predictive models to create and onboard online audiences most likely to respond, convert, and become long-term value customers.



Our methodology is based on one simple but powerful truth: the best predictor of future transactional behavior is past transactional behavior. Wiland has more of this in-depth data than any other marketing intelligence company. When digital advertising is based on data of this depth and quality, marketers can be confident that they are investing their online advertising budgets wisely and will see outstanding results.

Managed Display Campaigns

Wiland fully-managed display campaigns help marketers achieve their display advertising KPIs, including goals such as reducing Cost per Action (CPA) or maximizing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Once KPIs are identified, we launch and manage the campaigns. Display ads—static, animated or video—are deployed across our vast network that includes Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MSN and many other ad networks. This creates the opportunity for real-time bidding (RTB) on over a million advertising opportunities per second. Campaigns are continuously monitored and optimized for response, and clients receive detailed reports on performance. The result is an entirely new category of addressable digital marketing that can truly be described as digital direct advertising.

Attribution and Closed Loop Measurement

Reaching digital audiences and measuring impact requires a complex array of response behaviors that raise important questions:  

  • Which eventual customers were influenced by a particular digital campaign?
  • What role did the ad play in the total customer journey?
  • To what degree did display advertising impact both online and offline purchases?

At Wiland, we are able to answer these questions through our closed loop measurement methodology. Our approach to the campaigns we manage does not seek to claim the highest degree of attribution. Rather, we focus on maximizing measurement accuracy. While attribution is important, we believe measuring incremental response—both online and offline—is even more important.



Our closed loop measurement methodology employs a two-fold approach to campaign measurement. The first method—Near Real Time Campaign Measurement—provides immediate insight for campaign management and optimization. The second method—Matchback Analysis—validates the campaign's ultimate effectiveness across multiple online and offline channels over an extended period of time. The resulting metric, called TrueROAS™, measures a display campaign's real impact by calculating the amount of online and offline revenue it generates beyond what would have occurred anyway.

Our Team

We have assembled a team of digital marketing experts who provide turnkey, fully managed display campaigns, supported by our responsive client services team. Together, they work with our clients and their agencies to plan, deploy and test each campaign while optimizing creative, frequency, timing and other variables. Whether a company is exploring digital advertising for the first time or is seeking to improve upon current results, Wiland's digital team is able to provide expert guidance, deploy cruical testing, and implment effective campaigns.

Consumer Privacy

It is important for customers to know the types of information collected about them, how it is used, and how to opt-out of such usage. Wiland digital solutions provide this notice and choice within every ad we serve. Learn more about Wiland's privacy policy.

Getting Started

Our digital specialists are here to assist you. They can answer any questions, provide a free initial consultation, and enable you to test our digital advertising services before making a commitment to a larger engagement.

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