Wiland Solutions Improve Client Results Regardless of Channel

At Wiland we help marketers understand their customers better and reach their markets more effectively, more profitably. Our solutions are implemented via many channels, including online display, video, mobile, social media, email, and direct mail. In every channel in which consumers can be identified, we deliver.

Responsive Audiences

We identify highly responsive offline and online audiences and enable clients to connect with them via carefully targeted direct mail, the Wiland Digital Network™, and other channels. The result for our clients is improved marketing productivity, faster investment returns, and better long-term customer value.

Optimized Connections

We connect clients to the right consumers in the optimal marketing channels. Leveraging our massive database, we build predictive models to help clients enhance active and lapsed segments by identifying the most profitable audiences for each channel. We also optimize audiences created by others, removing portions that waste marketing dollars so they can be deployed more productively. As a result, our clients save money because they spend less on poorly targeted messages and they enjoy increased revenue and profit.

Actionable Intelligence

Wiland understands the transactional behaviors of virtually all U.S. consumers. This deep intelligence fuels a variety of strategic analytic services that give clients a competitive edge by enabling profitable, brand-enhancing marketing strategies. Analytical discoveries are put into action with Wiland-powered solutions that drive incremental revenue and profit. Better, smarter marketing investments propel our clients, leading to better long-term ROI.

Powerful Insights

The Wiland database provides powerful insights that enable clients to precisely target audiences. Clients also benefit from this intelligence in the form of a variety of reports that help them understand their customers, brands, market, and industry. Clients use our Insight Services to properly position their brands, uncover new opportunities, and make better marketing and business decisions. The result is that our clients build a stronger, more competitive brand.

Our Database: The Powerful Engine that Drives Client Success

The engine that powers our innovative solutions is The Wiland Database, which houses billions of transactions from thousands of brands spanning multiple industries. This gives us unprecedented visibility into consumer spending and interests. In addition to transaction data from all realms of the retailing world, Wiland's database also includes transaction data for consumers from an extensive array of other industries, including publishing, nonprofit, travel, and consumer services. 

Viewing consumers through these multiple prisms allows us to provide our clients with insights and intelligence that simply aren't available from other sources and to create responsive audiences and optimized client communication with those audiences. Our database and the solutions it enables are available only to our clients, the companies and organizations that provide the transactional data that makes our database so powerful.

In Summary

Our proprietary resources enable our clients to be competitively superior. Our proprietary software and analytics and our massive, diverse transactional database combine to produce superior results for our clients. 

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