We Never Met a Channel We Didn’t Like

Precision Targeted Audiences for Multichannel Marketing

Marketers connect with customers, donors, and subscribers across an increasingly diverse set of channels. Some channels work best for top-of-funnel prospecting. Others drive better results when people are already in market and poised to make a decision.

Regardless of your channel strategy or stage of engagement, the most important thing is to connect with the right audience. That’s why Wiland has made it possible for marketers to identify, segment, and reach their audiences in all channels, including: display, mobile, video, social, direct mail, email, and addressable television.

Wiland’s unsurpassed understanding of consumers’ transactional behavior enables us to deliver superior audiences deployable in all channels. Our insight into consumer behavior also enables us to inform your channel strategy by helping you see which promotion channels are likely to drive the best response based on the past transaction history of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Because Wiland audiences are deployable across all channels, you can test various promotions and offers in multiple channels to fine-tune your strategy, optimizing it for the various cohorts and personas you target. You can also invest marketing dollars proportionately based on how our predictive models score and rank your prospects and customers.