A Powerful Convergence of Media and Data

What happens when the most powerful communication medium in history meets the data-driven capabilities of digital? You have massive reach with precision targeting.

That’s what addressable television offers. But it all depends on having the right audience data. If you do, you can direct your messages to your preferred customers and prospects with tremendous accuracy, yet at large scale.

The Video Advertising Bureau defines addressable television as:

Household-level TV advertising via the set-top box based on an audience target developed using first-, second- or third-party data. Under these ad buys, advertisers target specific audiences and demos, as opposed to network and program-specific buys.

Addressable television advertising currently is able to reach 40-50 million households, equating to 128 million individuals. Advertising spend in this emerging channel is expected to surpass $2 billion in 2018 with household penetration rising to nearly 75% of TV homes by 2020. Fueled by Wiland custom audiences, addressable television can be optimized for better ROI, and the ability to test various promotions and learn how different audience segments respond.

Not only does Addressable Television (also called Advanced TV) enable precision audience targeting, it also makes a mass medium measurable and more accountable for results. Wiland’s historic commitment to work with our clients to test, measure, and optimize applies in this exciting channel as with all the other marketing channels we support.

So if you have plans to test or use addressable television, let’s talk. Our custom audiences can accelerate its performance.

Getting Started

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