Resilience and Results…Even in the Digital Age

With all the talk about digital, one might be inclined to think that direct mail has lost its impact when it comes to reaching consumers, donors and subscribers.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Direct mail continues to be a successful and highly measurable channel for marketers in all the industries we serve. It continues to outperform all digital channels combined with both house lists and prospect lists. The latest research shows that even Millennials love direct mail and accord it greater credibility than digital media.

Part of the effectiveness of direct mail is the power of print. Printed communications still have the ability to engage an audience in ways that digital can’t. Recipients of direct mail will spend several minutes with a quality mailing piece, while giving mere seconds to email and even less to many online ads. Print is tactile, and it encourages perusing rather than scanning. It has durability and a shelf life that digital’s ephemeral nature can’t replicate.

This is not to say that direct mail and digital are in conflict with one another. To the contrary, they should be orchestrated in tandem in multichannel co-targeting campaigns. Millions of consumers enjoy the printed catalogs, magazines, newsletters, charitable or political organization updates, and other material they receive. Upon receiving direct mail, they then turn to their smartphones or computers to make purchases and donations.

Our history with direct mail goes back many years. For decades, Wiland companies have been pioneers in using data and predictive analytics to make direct mail more accurate, efficient, and affordable. With rising printing and mailing costs cutting into margins, our unrelenting focus on response and long-term value is crucial for our clients’ success in the direct mail channel. By offering industry-leading prospect audiences, customer audiences, and housefile optimization, we deliver superior results for thousands of organizations every day, generating billions of dollars in revenue, and saving millions by eliminating waste.

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