Display Advertising

Bringing Direct Marketing Precision to Display Advertising

Real-time insight into performance…continuous optimization…programmatic bidding. These advantages come together to make display advertising a great value—one that is also highly measurable. But for the addressable display advertising to deliver optimal results, it must all begin with superior audiences; and superior audiences require two things: better data, and accurate predictive modeling.

This powerful combination is exactly what Wiland delivers.

While demographics and personas have important roles to play in audience development, transaction data is far more predictive of actual response. That’s because the best predictor of future transactional behavior is past transactional behavior. And the Wiland Cooperative Database has more of this transaction data than any other consumer intelligence company. It is a massive repository of first-party transaction data from thousands of brands. We use this powerful data in sophisticated predictive modeling to craft audiences uniquely configured to respond to individual brands and even to specific campaigns and offers.

When display advertising audiences are derived from data of this quality and modeled using the most sophisticated Response Prediction Technology™, marketers can be confident that they are investing their display advertising budgets wisely and will see impressive results.

Wiland offers multiple, proven approaches to display advertising:

  1. On-Demand Digital Audiences
  2. Custom Digital Audiences
  3. Managed Display Campaigns


On-Demand Digital Audiences

Wiland offers hundreds of on-demand, ready-to-deliver marketing audiences called Ultimate Audiences. Each audience is uniquely engineered to be responsive to offers from brands in hundreds of specific niches. They are available for immediate deployment in programmatic campaigns at The Trade Desk, LiveRamp, Google, and Verizon Media. They can be delivered to Facebook as well as every leading DSP. You can learn more and search for audiences at UltimateAudiences.com.

Custom Digital Audiences

Custom Digital Audiences from Wiland enable marketers and fundraisers to reach ideal prospects and current customers, donors, and subscribers with highly targeted, addressable display advertising that are delivered through their chosen advertising platforms and DSPs. Wiland custom audiences are superior to “off-the-shelf” segments available on most DSPs. Rather than mere “look-alikes,” we deliver precisely targeted audiences based on highly predictive transaction data.

And because Custom Digital Audiences are segmented by how individual consumers score in our modeling, programmatic bidding can be optimized by bidding higher and with greater frequency for top-scoring prospects and customers.

Fully-Managed Display Campaigns

Wiland fully-managed display campaigns help marketers achieve their display advertising KPIs, including goals such as reducing Cost per Action (CPA) or maximizing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Once KPIs are identified, we launch and manage the campaigns. Display ads—static, animated or video—are deployed across our vast network that includes Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MSN and many other ad networks. This creates the opportunity for real-time bidding (RTB) on over a million advertising opportunities per second. Campaigns are continuously monitored and optimized for response, and clients receive detailed reports on performance.

Our intelligence-driven display advertising campaigns are deployed through four customizable solutions:

  • Acquisition Marketing

    that affordably acquires new, high-quality customers, donors, and subscribers.

  • Customer/Donor Marketing

    to increase revenue and profit from active and lapsed customers, donors, and subscribers.

  • Retargeting

    that boosts typical retargeting response rates by segmenting recent site visitors, optimizing creative, and bidding accordingly.

  • Co-Targeting

    to increase response in multichannel campaigns with simultaneous digital and offline marketing.

These four solutions, whether deployed individually or in combination, provide you with a highly intelligent, ROI-centric approach to display advertising.

Attribution and Closed Loop Measurement

Our approach to the campaigns we manage does not seek to claim the highest degree of attribution. Rather, we focus on maximizing measurement accuracy. While attribution is important, we believe measuring incremental response—both online and offline—is even more important.

Wiland’s proprietary TrueROAS™ methodology accurately measures display campaign performance by utilizing a segregated control group held out from exposure to the campaign’s ads. Using matchback analysis to attribute both online and offline sales to the display campaign, TrueROAS™ isolates the exact portion of revenue that would not otherwise have occurred during the campaign period. This is the most accurate methodology for assessing a campaign’s incremental impact—its true return on ad spend.

So whether you are looking for precisely targeted audiences—even at large scale—to deploy through your DSP, or are looking for a proven, turnkey approach to making digital display work for your brand, let’s talk. We are committed to delivering a solution that fits your objectives and delivers superior results.

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