High-Performance Email Lists for Acquisition Campaigns

How much more effective could your email marketing program be if you deployed lists proven to result in dramatically higher open rates? What if you had confidence that your email efforts were reaching people proven to be interested in your message— people who will open and respond?

Wiland offers marketers and fundraisers a solution that drives superior response rates in acquisition campaigns. The results include:

  • Higher open rates
  • New connections with highly engaged email responders
  • Acquisition of high-quality customers/donors/subscribers

Our email lists are built starting with a universe of millions of active, opt-in email addresses. They are created using sophisticated predictive modeling techniques that segment recipients by their interest in specific topics, causes, issues, and consumer spending categories. This enables you to accurately target relevant, responsive prospects in your acquisition campaigns. What makes these email lists so effective is that they consist of individuals who:

  • Are proven to respond in the email channel
  • Trust the reputation of the Wiland brand that sends the emails on your behalf
  • Demonstrate recent activity and engagement

Reputation-Based Email Marketing

Our email lists are utilized in fully-managed email campaigns that we deploy on your behalf from one of our many interest-specific brands—brands that, together, have earned the trust of millions of subscribers across the U.S. Our subscribers are actively engaged with our content and sending domains, providing a superior option to typical purchased lists or email append solutions. This reputation-based approach to email marketing drives highly qualified traffic to your landing page of choice where prospects can then be converted into your direct contacts. The email’s content and creative are up to you, as well as the landing page where prospects are directed for conversion to become your customers/donors/subscribers. You can even conduct A/B testing to further optimize results.

Getting Started

Email can be a powerful marketing tool. Contact us to learn more!