Superior Audiences for an Always-On Channel

It has become axiomatic that smartphones are cherished, vital necessities of the majority of Americans. Smartphone users are never far from their devices, which they use reflexively to address everything from traffic and weather to shopping and banking. The majority of email is now read on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), putting users a click away from landing pages and websites for further engagement and additional data capture.

This makes mobile a central component of every cross-channel marketing strategy. It offers retail brands, charities, and political organizations an increasingly accurate option for people-based marketing—the shortest path to reaching individuals at all stages of the customer or donor journey. But it all depends on having the right audience.

As the clarity of connection between devices and their users improves, the demand for superior audiences will continue to grow. Long at the forefront of intelligence-driven audience creation, Wiland delivers highly responsive, custom audiences for deployment in mobile campaigns. Using proven techniques that work in other online as well as offline channels, Wiland custom audiences far outperform typical “look-alike” audience segments modeled using demographic data. Instead, leveraging the vast, highly predictive transaction data in the Wiland Cooperative Database, we give marketers and fundraisers a competitive edge in reaching their ideal prospects and best customers. The result is better targeted ad spend for excellent ROI.

If your organization is looking for a partner to help you deploy highly targeted mobile advertising, Wiland’s managed display campaigns offer a turnkey solution for prospect and customer marketing as well as retargeting.

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