Advanced Targeting for an Ever-Present Channel

Reaching your ideal audience, custom modeled by Wiland and delivered to social media platforms, is a formula for addressable advertising success. The ubiquity of social media and its nearly nonstop engagement by users combine to make it a powerful platform for delivering an advertising message. No longer the provenance of the young, social media use is normative for virtually all age groups, with increased use correlating with higher income and education levels.

And because consumers engage social media throughout their days, for both personal and business use, addressable advertising in the social channel can be timed and frequency set to correspond to what is known about an audience.

In the social channel, as with all people-based marketing, the most important issue is how well you understand, identify, and then target your audience. Wiland’s industry-defining consumer intelligence provides the data necessary to create highly responsive audiences that can be deployed in the social media marketing platforms you use.

For organizations that don’t run their own campaigns or are not currently using an agency for deploying social media advertising, Wiland offers a fully managed display campaign solution that reaches customers and prospects with display ads—static, animated, or video—deployed across our vast network that includes Facebook, Google, and many other platforms.

This creates the opportunity for real-time bidding (RTB) on over a million advertising opportunities per second. Wiland-managed campaigns are continuously monitored and optimized for response, and clients receive detailed reports on performance.

If social media marketing is part of your channel strategy, let’s talk. We have the consumer intelligence and custom audience development technology to drive superior results.

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