Intelligence-Driven Targeting in a
Highly Immersive Channel

When you target an audience through ads placed alongside video content, you are reaching people in moments when they are highly engaged with their devices. Whether viewed on desktop, tablet, or mobile screens, video content owns an increasingly large share of people’s time when they go online.

That means your targeted ads need to be there too. Video platforms vary greatly and offer advertisers a wide range of placement options. YouTube alone offers advertisers the opportunity to run ads within YouTube channels, over individual videos, as well as across various websites and apps in the Google Display Network.

So how do you maximize the effectiveness of this powerful channel?

It begins with having the right audience data. Wiland Custom Digital Audiences enable the precision necessary to reach your ideal prospects as well as current customers or donors in video channel platforms. Rather than relying on demographic and other broadly defined audience segments, you can focus your marketing on finely-tuned audiences that our vast transaction-level data shows will be most responsive you your brand and your promotions.

You can also optimize your video channel retargeting efforts by determining frequency and bidding proportionately based on the intelligence we provide. So rather than the broad-brush approach that many retargeting solutions offer, you can retarget more strategically, bidding and optimizing around what Wiland knows about the custom audience segments we deliver.

As with all of Wiland’s digital advertising products, we can either provide custom audiences for you or your agency to deploy through your DSP, or we can fully manage your campaign, continuously optimize it for response, and report on results.

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