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Display, video, social media, and mobile advertising, when properly directed, can enhance brand image and drive revenue

Many companies and organizations with deep roots in direct response marketing have limited experience with display, video, social media, and mobile advertising. Some who have used these media have concluded that it is merely brand advertising, not a direct response channel, because click-through rates and/or conversion rates are low.

Other companies are looking beyond clicks to actual impact on brand revenue, and believe that measurement methods such as those available from Wiland Digital Solutions™ reliably prove that significant incremental revenue is derived from the digital channels, even when sales from immediate clicks suggest otherwise. 

Wiland believes that direct mail will continue to be a crucial marketing channel, but that data-driven digital advertising also has a great future - and in fact, that direct mail and digital support each other in a carefully measured marketing mix.  Just as direct mail offers, copy, and creative must be tested, proven, and refined over time, marketers should make a long-term test and refine commitment to the digital channels too.

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