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Marketing and Advertising are crucial to a strong economy. Government regulation may be necessary, but it should not be excessive.

Almost everyone realizes that advertising is essential to a robust economy. Magazines, catalogs, online merchants, and service providers simply must be aware of consumer buying preferences in order for their advertising to be effective. Without knowledge of consumer preference they would have to "market to everyone", wasting money and bothering people who have no interest. It simply wouldn't be effective. 

Virtually no one believes that advertising should be regulated excessively, but there is considerable debate about what would be excessive. Every responsible business and association recognizes that the handling of personally identifiable information (PII) such as name and contact information by advertisers and their service providers is a serious responsibility. Double digit growth of digital advertising has increased interest in this subject. 

Some observers believe that opt-out services such as those available from trade associations and individual companies are the best way to address this topic. Others believe that further legislation and/or regulation is needed.

What do you think? Please write an article about government regulation and whether there is too much or too little.

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