Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Registered User Accounts

What can I do with a registered account?

By registering, you can participate in Industry Dialog and Industry Stats, where you can vote on issues and topics that affect the Direct Marketing industry at large. You'll need an account in order to submit content in those sections too. 

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

You can reset your password here

Why does my name say "Hidden"?

This happens when the system detects that there might be profanity in your name. You can correct this by updating your name on your Account Settings page.

Submitting Content

I submitted an opinion in Industry Stats or Industry Dialog and I don't see it anywhere; what happened?

We review every opinion prior to publishing it. We review them just as soon as we can. Once we publish your opinion, our system will automatically notify you that we have done so and send you a link to your content. 

I read that you review opinions before publishing them. What are your grounds for rejecting my opinion?

We are committed to keeping this site clean and professional. We won't publish anything that contains profanity or other vulgarity, that is pornographic, trivial or constitutes a personal attack, or is advertising. We don't publish anything that constitutes spam. We never edit any opinion that you might submit; we publish it or we do not. And we never reject an opinion because we disagree with it. Please remember that once you submit an opinion, you will not be able to edit it further. 

The Stats Lab

I made a chart that looks crazy, what gives?

You made a crazy chart.

The Stats Lab offers a robust visualization engine that allows for a lot of customization by users. It is not meant to prevent people from making bad visualizations from the data. And not every data set that we have is fit for a particular visualization. You should be prepared to explore the data when you are making your charts; tweak things as you go; and if you get stuck, refer to the help file for the Stats Lab.

One way to get started quickly is to load someone else's chart into the Stats Lab and edit it. You can do this by clicking the button at the bottom left of the chart that looks like a flask. When you save a chart, whether its yours or someone else's, you are saving a new copy of it. 

Voting on Content

How do you calculate the score for things in Industry Stats and Industry Dialog?

Our scores are based on the lower confidence interval, at 90% confidence, of the weighted mean value of all of the positive responses to the particular piece of content. We weight the Likert scale responses so that both five- and one-star votes have a greater impact on the overall outcome. This method treats the number of votes received at any given time on any particular piece of content as only a portion of all of the votes that would be necessary to determine the worth of that content. So it works well even with relatively few votes; far better than a simple average value of votes received. 

Still, this method isn't predictive of value where the number of votes on a piece of content is very small. In other words, we should have less confidence that we can accurately identify its worth the fewer the votes we have. We could address this by varying the confidence level we solve for. Instead we opted for a simpler approach. We set a threshold number of votes that must be met before we rely purely on the lower confidence interval. Before we receive sufficient votes to meet that threshold, we adjust the lower confidence interval proportionally with respect to that threshold. In this way, we tend to bluntly discount the score until we reach our threshold, at which point we let the statistics speak for themselves.