Diverse Industry Data Sources Drive Greater Insights

What makes the Wiland Cooperative Database so powerful is not just its depth of data—billions of transactions representing trillions in spending—but also its diversity of data sources. We serve a broad range of industries and sectors, including: Automotive, Retail/Etail, Financial Services, Home & Personal Services, Travel & Hospitality, Publishing & Media, Charitable, and Political.

That means that our view of consumers, donors, and subscribers is informed and nuanced by correlations in the data that help us better understand the spending and donation behavior of virtually every U.S. adult. The result? Better predictive modeling of the marketing audiences we deliver to our clients. It enables them to go beyond being directionally correct in their marketing, to effectively targeting ideal prospects and customers in optimal channels and advertising platforms.

This robust knowledge of our clients’ audiences and how they transact in various channels has also given rise to our powerful business intelligence offering, Wiland Insights™.