High-Performance Marketing Solutions
that Drive Results

When purchasing a car or truck, consumers spend an average of 20 hours researching online before coming to a decision. All that research and browsing activity can yield valuable data for OEMs and dealers to leverage in their marketing.

But those data points only make up part of the picture. Complementing that information is additional insight into auto buyers’ behaviors and preferences expressed in their spending across multiple consumer categories, not just vehicle purchases. This vast and diverse data—contained in the Ultimate Database—is the key to successfully marketing to future customers by identifying correlations in the data that predict propensity for particular automotive brands and vehicle types.

By leveraging the Wiland Technology Platform’s predictive modeling techniques, Ultimate Data enables automotive marketers to identify optimal prospects before they are even in-market, as well as inform marketing efforts once prospects show an interest in a particular make or model.

The result? More vehicle sales and increased market share. With this kind of intelligence and insight, automotive brands are empowered to transform their marketing efforts from being merely directionally correct to being precisely targeted.