High-Performance Marketing Solutions
that Drive Results

When purchasing a car or truck, consumers are often unsure which vehicle would be best for them and spend an average of 20 hours researching online before making a purchase. All that research and browsing activity can yield valuable data for OEMs and dealers to leverage in their marketing.

But that data is only a part of the picture. Complementing that information is additional insight about consumers’ actual purchase behaviors and preferences expressed in how they prioritize their spending across multiple categories, including retail purchases, publications, and charitable donations. This vast transaction-level data—contained in the Wiland Database—is the key to predicting what vehicle an individual is likely to purchase. This enables us to deliver highly targeted audiences that can be deployed across all marketing channels.

Wiland’s predictive modeling technology can identify optimal prospects before they are even in-market, and inform marketing efforts once they show an interest in a particular make or model, including those of competitors. Integrated with social, location, and demographic information, Wiland solutions give automotive marketers a crucial edge in the ultra-competitive automotive marketplace, resulting in better responses and increased buy rates.

The result? More vehicle sales, increased market share, and better marketing ROI. With this kind of intelligence and insight, automotive brands are empowered to transform their marketing efforts from merely being directionally correct to being precisely targeted.