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Division Leadership

Picture of Tom Murray

Tom Murray

President, Cooperative Data Division

To hear Tom tell it, living and working in Colorado creates a unique synergy between his personal and work life. He loves being outdoors—on his bike, on his boat pursuing that next great fish, or in the woods stalking big game. In the same way, he loves the adventure of helping clients become more successful in their multichannel marketing efforts. Whether on the water, in the woods, or here at Wiland, Tom is driven to go the extra mile to achieve something truly special.

With his 30+ years on both the client and vendor sides of the business, Tom is able to offer our clients unsurpassed multichannel marketing expertise. Having mailed tens of millions of catalogs as well as creating and delivering precisely modeled audiences for both online and offline campaigns, Tom’s wisdom and insights help our clients reach their loftiest goals for growth and profitability.

An avid road cyclist, Tom recently completed a 90-mile ride from Grand Lake, Colorado to Estes Park—and back! That’s two trips over world-renowned Trail Ridge Road (12, 183 ft.) for a total vertical climb of 8,400 feet in one ride!

Tom and his “much better half” Mary enjoy cheering from the sidelines as their kids, Nate and Ellie, discover their passions while receiving their college educations. At the College of Tom Murray, they can learn about putting others’ needs first, being truthful no matter what, and avoiding the temptation to take a shortcut.

Favorite Quote: “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” —Charles Swindoll

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Picture of Dan Wells

Dan Wells

Division Vice President, Nonprofit

Dan is that rare breed of cat who knows how to listen to others. In a world of talkers, Dan stands out. It’s his innate ability for empathetic listening that makes him so good at what he does; and what he does is create success for our clients. Early on, he helped grow Merkle in his five years there, and before that, he helped form KnowledgeBase Marketing.

Dan has now devoted himself for 30+ years to serving the nonprofit world. He began his career with Wiland Services handling the accounts of many of the nation’s top nonprofits. Later, he helped launch Wiland Inc.’s fast-growing nonprofit division. Today, he helps organizations fulfill their missions by delivering responsive, optimized donor audiences using sophisticated analytics and proprietary modeling, and then reaching these donors through highly effective digital and direct mail marketing solutions.

Having grown up in Maine, Dan actively searches for great adventures to challenge him physically and mentally. His passion is to apply that same fearlessness and confidence of dealing with physically challenging situations to equipping marketing executives to address the evolving challenges of a digital, multichannel world.

Favorite Quote: “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” —Theodore Roosevelt

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New Business Development

Picture of Charles Cadigan

Charles Cadigan

SVP, New Business Development

Charles began his career in the nonprofit sector over 30 years ago. From the high-energy first days of three start-ups to senior positions at some of the industry’s most innovative and respected companies, he has worked with and for some the very best organizations helping to solve the world’s most critical challenges. His leadership roles within the nonprofit sector have included chairing committees of the Direct Marketing Association, both regionally and nationally, along with the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

His skills and expertise have been honed at some of our industry’s leading data providers: TransAmerica Marketing, Epsilon, Acxiom, and Frontline Data. This experience gives him a unique perspective when helping Wiland clients with our highly successful fundraising and marketing solutions.

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Picture of Michael "Mick" Benvenuto

Michael “Mick” Benvenuto

VP, New Business Development

Throughout his career, Mick has succeeded time and again in helping nonprofit organizations find that delicate balance for which we all strive: more donors and more dollars. His skills were honed as a member and leader of Advancement teams at Universities across the country, including Penn State, Temple and Cal State. Quality, trustworthy relationship development has been fundamental in fundraising since the beginning, and he’d tell you it’s more important these days than ever in building a strong donor pipeline.

With over 10 years in nonprofit fundraising, Mick was responsible for the research, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of acquisition, reactivation and retention prospects across all giving channels. During that time he played a direct role in garnering tens of thousands of donors and raising millions of dollars in support of nonprofit causes. From his office north of LA, this Philadelphia native turned California transplant now serves as Wiland’s Vice President for New Business Development everywhere west of the Mississippi.

He’s experienced first-hand some of the many hurdles nonprofits encounter, and so works with each prospective Client to determine how their program can reach new levels of philanthropic success with the help of Wiland’s advanced analytics and knowledge of the industry. As a student, the power of education was a guiding light of inspiration and a source of fulfillment. Now, what fuels him is the success of inspiring and fulfilling causes that help make a difference in the lives of others.

Outside of work, Mick finds time to hike and camp, ride his motorcycle, volunteer locally and travel – looking for any reason to be active with family and friends both near and far.

Favorite Quote: “Employees can’t guide customers to success if they aren’t first taking care of themselves.” —Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce Inc.

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Picture of Jesse Forrester

Jesse Forrester

VP, New Business Development

Although he majored in physical education at Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, the cold realities of financial stability overrode Jesse’s dreams of becoming a coach. His first stop was Capital One right out of college—a stay that lasted 11 years. It began with taking inbound calls in a call center, working up the ladder, and eventually landing in management to run a call center of 85 associates and six managers. This led to moving through different departments, managing inbound correspondence and finally to leading a team that took escalated calls to the corporate office. Now, at Wiland, Jesse is helping clients in the nonprofit realm achieve desired results by leveraging our massive database and proprietary analytics.

Along the way, that love of sports and exercise never abated. As an outdoor enthusiast, golf, fishing, and just about anything else involving exercise is A-OK with Jesse. But the main attraction for him is the fact that, to excel, you must have a strong state of mind. Oh, and that coaching thing? Still going strong by coaching kids’ basketball and softball teams. A mere repositioning of the dream is all it takes!

Favorite Quote: “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” —Thomas Edison

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Picture of Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Director, Digital Sales

Having summited 36 of the 54 mountains in Colorado that top 14,000 feet, it’s safe to say Aaron is one who strives to takes it to the top.

He’s taken it to the top in other ways, too. Since 2000, he’s been involved in Colorado politics. He worked at the state Capitol as an aide to six legislators, and he has lent his skills to numerous campaigns and two political organizations. He has been elected a delegate to the Republican State Assembly, County Assembly and Congressional Assembly multiple times. More notably, he served with U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave as program director and district director for five years.

He previously ran his own practice with Prudential and served as a retirement consultant with TIAA-CREF. In addition to mountain climbing, the native Coloradoan also loves to hike, bike, and spend quality time with his family. Aaron is on terra firma here at Wiland, noting that the work he’s involved with brings him a tremendous amount of satisfaction, as does the privilege of working alongside many great people and clients.

Favorite Quote: “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” — Ronald Reagan

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Client Services

Picture of Rick Witt

Rick Witt

SVP, Client Services

The old adage “the customer is king” isn’t rusty, dusty or musty to Rick. Nothing gets under his skin more than the failure to grasp that businesses exist only because of the customer. That’s just the way he thinks and works. His singular focus is delivering a level of service that helps clients succeed. He’s passionate about the customer experience.

Rick started out at Wiland, then cycled successfully through Neodata, Polk, Experian and Return Path, only to take a “return path” of his own to Wiland to help launch the company’s nonprofit solutions. From financial services to fundraising, catalogs to customer relationship management, Rick’s industry experience is as wide-ranging as the Rocky Mountains he loves. Besides time in the mountains, the native Coloradan enjoys golf, biking, dabbling in music and art, and time with family, including his big ol’ chocolate Lab named—what else?—Rocky.

Favorite Quote: “Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation.” —C. Everett Koop, M.D.

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Picture of John Ernst

John Ernst

VP, Solutions and Insights

John is a 20-year veteran of the direct mail and nonprofit industries. He earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing and English from St. Thomas University, where he also ran track and played soccer.

John started his career as an account executive at Novus. In that role, John represented clients such as Mason Shoe Company and NordicTrack. In 1996, he moved to ParadyszMatera, where he started as an account director.

Over the next 14 years, John worked his way up to senior vice president and helped build the company’s nonprofit division into its largest producer of revenue. Along the way, he brought in major new nonprofit clients such as the Salvation Army and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, thanks in large part to his integration of modeling and analytics into client strategic services. In 2010, John became chief strategy officer for Paradysz + PM Digital, a role in which he oversaw analytics, business development, digital strategy, and client program management.

John, a Minnesota native, has two daughters and a son with his wife, whom he describes as “my rock and my running partner.” His daughters share his love of soccer, and he lives vicariously through his son’s electric guitar prowess. In his free time, John coaches youth soccer and volunteers as a mentor to young players. He also loves to run and spend time camping when the Minnesota weather permits it.

Favorite Quote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

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Picture of Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith

VP, Client Services

Imagine the feeling of going to work every day knowing that what you do makes a difference in thousands of lives. Meet Olivia. From a degree in advertising and marketing to years of experience at top agencies, Olivia’s nonprofit know-how stems from working with the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, the March of Dimes, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation to name a few. Savvy about every sort of media for every sort of nonprofit client, she anticipates client needs, then makes smart recommendations to boost acquisition and renewal programs.

Besides gaining terrific agency experience, Olivia taught nonprofit marketing at Virginia Commonwealth University and is a frequent speaker at industry and client trade conferences. Olivia, who is a Certified Direct Marketer, puts all that to work for her Wiland clients. She’s happy to be back in her home state of Colorado to hike the Rocky Mountains, garden, quilt, and explore her genealogy, along with occasional European jaunts to visit family and keep her German language skills current.

Favorite Quote: “Never give up what you want most for what you want today.” —Neal A. Maxwell

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Picture of Kaitlyn Anderson

Kaitlyn Anderson

Client Services Director

Kaitlyn is a fifth generation Coloradan, and her local roots run as deep as her conviction for doing good. Prior to working for Wiland, Kaitlyn spent eight years with the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, learning the fundamentals of how nonprofits operate. It was there that she first observed that data, properly interpreted, can yield superior results. She has been building on that foundation since 2013 when she joined Wiland.

In that time, Kaitlyn has contributed to the company’s tremendous growth in serving nonprofits through innovative digital and offline solutions. She helps fundraisers reach their goals with her excellent service and attention to the smallest of details. Kaitlyn, you see, loves the little things in life. Things like dogs and cats and children.

Favorite Quote: “Direction, not intention, determines your destination.” –Andy Stanley

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Picture of Darren Bourn

Darren Bourn

Client Services Director

Darren Bourn is a master of integrating work-life experience, just as he has integrated working on both the client and vendor sides in his 18 years in direct marketing. He began as an account coordinator at Neodata Database Marketing Services in 1994, then progressed with increasing responsibility at Concepts Direct, Dell Computer and Experian, all of which led him to Wiland, joining the company in 2006.

In his life outside Wiland, Darren enjoys fly fishing, playing hockey, and camping with his family. He has discovered that some elements of those pursuits apply directly to his work here at Wiland—including the attention to detail of fly fishing, and the teamwork required in hockey and camping. In his role as Client Services Director, Darren leverages those qualities as he applies his technical expertise, business analysis skills, and in-depth knowledge of marketing automation/campaign management software platforms to serve our clients.

It’s Darren’s integration of work-life skills that proves the old adage that whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s the best way to describe the service know-how that Darren brings to his Wiland clients.

Favorite Quote: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” —Mark Twain (attributed)

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Picture of Aaron Buchhop

Aaron Buchhop

Associate Client Services Director

Aaron has nearly seven years of fundraising, nonprofit management, and direct marketing agency experience in the Washington, D.C. area. His political and nonprofit experience includes working for large and well-known political organizations, such as The Heritage Foundation, Americans for Tax Reform, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, as well as direct marketing agencies with focuses in political and charitable fundraising.

Aaron is no stranger to client services. As Director of Programs and Donor Relations for a small nonprofit, Aaron created and managed the organization’s high dollar donor file, increased donor retention, and increased annual giving from approximately $700,000 to over $1 million in one year.

Having worked within both nonprofits and agencies, Aaron has a unique view into the minds of Wiland’s nonprofit and political customers. In addition, his experience as a fundraising copywriter has helped him to shape his understanding of the mindsets of donors.

Aaron graduated from The Citadel in 2009 with a B.A. in Political Science. For a time, Aaron likewise attended The Citadel Graduate College to work on his Master in Business Administration degree.

Aaron enjoys fitness, gardening, boating, and reading. He and his wife live in Fredericksburg, VA.

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Picture of Sheila Derrington

Sheila Derrington

Client Services Director

Sheila works closely with nonprofit clients to help them develop and deploy targeted marketing campaigns. Sheila joined Wiland in 2015 and is excited to work with talented colleagues who have high work ethics and are passionate about client success.

Sheila started at Neodata in 1990 and was employed there for almost 16 years. Over half of that time was spent as a Client Service Account Manager working directly with publishing clients. Most recently, Sheila worked as Circulation Manager and then Fulfillment Manager and Digital Marketing Manager at Interweave/F+W.

Born and raised in Colorado, Sheila has always been the inquisitive one in her family; she loves learning how things work. Sheila is a diehard Broncos fan, loves coffee, penguins, chocolate, country music, her husband, her kids, her dogs and her church (not necessarily in that order).

Bumper Sticker Philosophy: “Save your strength for things that you can change. Forgive the ones you can’t. You gotta let ’em go” —Zac Brown Band

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Picture of Jennifer Garbiso

Jennifer Garbiso

Client Services Director

Jennifer believes in building strong relationships with clients and doing what is best for them. She prides herself on understanding the customer, whether that is a direct client or the end user, and that has made her successful in every role. After starting her direct marketing career at Abacus, Jennifer worked outside the co-op world for several years, doing loyalty, email and database marketing.

Jennifer is a Colorado native and mom to two little boys who keep her on her toes. She loves to have fun, laugh, and cook for friends and family. On the weekends, you will often find her on the soccer field, cheering on her sons at their soccer games or planning her next family vacation.

Favorite Quote: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”—George Addair


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Picture of Terri Griffith

Terri Griffith

Client Services Director

Terri’s career began inauspiciously. Hers was that cheery voice on the telephone assisting magazine subscribers with address changes and missing copies. But the upbeat Midwesterner worked her way up to the rank of client service manager, working directly with various publishers. She later moved to a staffing firm in Boulder and eventually became the office manager, keeping everything running smoothly.

A friend’s telephone call brought her to Wiland, where she now works with her own group of clients. Still the cheery voice on the phone, Terri relishes working with multiple nonprofits. When not at Wiland, she can be seen handing out T-shirts at charity races, serving as an usher at the theater, or putting fresh paint on Habitat for Humanity house—that is, when she’s not cooking, traveling, or cheering on her beloved Kansas City Chiefs.

Favorite Quote: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” —Unknown

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