Investment-Grade Intelligence for Marketing Success

The financial services industry is an evolving one that makes effective marketing a moving target. Central to success is having the data that enables meaningful connections with consumers. When people are entrusting companies with their banking, mortgage, retirement savings, and investments, they are looking for brands that understand them and are responsive in the channels where they shop for financial services. What’s more, the financial services customer is more empowered and self-educated than ever before, with the ability to comparison shop and look to peers for guidance.

Successful marketing thus means having the right data, and making it actionable. Then leveraging that data to attract high-quality new customers and optimize relationships with existing customers. The reward for such intelligence-driven marketing is increased customer loyalty and successful cross-selling of products and services for greater share of customer.

For national marketing campaigns as well as localized efforts, we can deliver custom modeled audiences that resemble your best customers. We also enable you to mitigate customer churn by identifying new prospects who are most likely to become loyal, repeat customers. We don’t just find more new customers—we find better ones—the ones most likely to purchase multiple financial products and services from your organization. As a Wiland client, you can target your marketing more precisely and more profitably.

In addition to finding new, qualified customers, Wiland also helps you understand your current customers better than ever before. We offer solutions that help you analyze and optimize your CRM data to generate more revenue. As a result, you will be able to concentrate marketing resources on your most promising customers to maximize the number of financial products they purchase. We can also help you reactivate the former customers most likely to come back and purchase multiple financial products.