People-Based Marketing:
More Prospects. Better Customers. Long-Term Value.

There is growing demand for home and personal services in the United States. Spas and health clubs have become increasingly important to consumers. Cars need to be fixed, windows need to be replaced, and taxes need to be filed. And each customer requires these services at different times, sometimes letting months or years elapse between purchases. The key is to find these customers wherever they are in their customer journey, and meet them with an offer that corresponds to their needs.

Identifying and reaching responsive, qualified new customers requires leveraging the best data resources available—the kind of powerful insights that can be found at Wiland. We possess detailed transactional data on more than 245 million U.S. consumers, enabling us to identify those most likely to respond to your brand and your offers. From national marketing campaigns to localized lead generation, we model consumer audiences that resemble your best customers, enabling you to deploy direct mail and digital advertising that generate the best possible response rates. So, we don’t just help you find more customers—we find better ones.

We also have the ability to score the many new leads coming in through your advertising or sales efforts. We use proprietary predictive analytics to identify the prospects most likely to become loyal, repeat customers. That means you avoid the high cost and tremendous waste of pursuing the wrong leads, and keep your sales and customer service teams focused on the most profitable prospects and customers.