Targeted, Data-Driven Solutions
for Political Fundraisers

It has become axiomatic in recent years that the political organization with the best data and analytics wins. Intelligence-driven marketing and fundraising requires the best data, the best custom audience modeling and the ability to deploy appeals in all channels.

Wiland can help. Many of the nation’s leading political organizations benefit from our unique ability to predict the response behavior of prospective donors, active donors, and even lapsed donors who can be cultivated to give again.

Our experience in political cause-related marketing and fundraising is your guarantee that we not only have the talent and technology you need—we also understand political fundraising form the ground up. Our intelligence-driven solutions enable you to connect your appeals to the issues that our vast data shows matter most to multiple sub-segments of your audience. The result? Higher response rates, increased revenue, and elimination of wasted marketing spend.

In an environment as competitive as political fundraising, sustained success depends on having a data partner that understands your vision—a partner that can leverage the most relevant data and superior predictive analytics.