Cultivating High-Value Subscribers and Renewals

Few industries have experienced the turmoil caused by digital technologies more acutely than publishing. These disruptions have changed the media consumption habits of readers, created new sources of competition, and threatened the relationship between publisher and subscriber. Gaining new subscriptions, while good for rate base, can leave publishers disconnected from their subscribers when intermediaries like Amazon sell the subscription but own the customer transactional relationship.

The complications don’t end there. Publishers who previously had only to address their print subscribers must now meet the needs of different types of content consumers:

  1. Print subscribers (Yes, many subscribers do still prefer print.)
  2. Digital subscribers, though some digital subscribers also like print
  3. Website visitors who do not subscribe, yet visit frequently and are loyal to the brand

The good news is that many magazines are finding ways to profitably deliver a quality product in print and digitally. Many magazines are growing in circulation and even appealing to younger Millennial readers. And with Wiland’s custom audience modeling, they are adding new, high-value subscribers to their rolls—subscribers who also renew at good rates.

Wiland has been serving the publishing and media industry for many years. Our services are powered by the massive Wiland Database, the world’s largest repository of subscriber data, with more Direct to Publisher (DTP) subscription information than exists anywhere else. This insight is further enhanced by the vast transaction data—billions of transactions and trillions in spending that reveal subscriber activities as consumers (the products they buy) and donors (the charities and political causes they support). This data broadens a publisher’s understanding of its subscribers while also fueling predictive models that make subscription marketing more effective.