New Subscriber Acquisition

Find new subscribers who are the most likely to subscribe—and then renew. Wiland’s predictive analytics and modeling solutions identify the best new prospects from within our vast database. This approach means you can acquire new subscribers affordably and realize the best return on investment for your acquisition campaigns in all channels.

Expired Subscriber Reactivation

Our subscriber reactivation solution enables publishers to selectively invest in reactivating expires that are highly desirable from an advertising sales viewpoint. But it also helps avoid reactivating at a loss any expires that are unlikely to have good Long-Term Value (LTV). Our predictive models rank expired subscribers based on how likely they are to renew and pay for the renewed subscription. This enables a publisher to test the expired subscribers from the top down, marketing as deep into the modeled universe as is successful. This approach is simple but effective, finding quality renewals, while avoiding losses from marketing to weak segments.

Marketing Budget Optimization™

Cut the waste out of expensive prospecting and subscriber marketing. Our predictive models rank names from top to bottom based on subscriber behavior, giving you the confidence to remove low-performing names from online and offline prospecting efforts. Unresponsive names can be replaced with better prospects, or the savings can be applied to other campaigns or across other channels.

Getting Started

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