Intelligence-Driven Solutions
for Travel and Hospitality Marketers

Today’s travel consumers have more options than ever before in how they discover and shop for everything from hotels and entertainment to timeshare properties and vacation experiences. So it’s crucial for Travel & Hospitality companies to reach prospects and customers in multiple channels with the right message at key points in their customer journeys.

That’s where we come in. We help travel industry marketers find new prospects and cultivate customer relationships through highly targeted, data-driven marketing solutions. Our vast consumer transaction data and proprietary analytics combine to deliver highly responsive audiences that can be reached through online display advertising, direct mail, and other addressable channels. The result is vastly improved marketing efficiency that produces measurable results.

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Intelligence-Driven Solutions for Travel and Hospitality Marketers. Contact us to learn more!

New Customer Acquisition

Find prospects who are the most likely to become—and stay—loyal travelers and guests. Our predictive analytics and modeling solutions identify the best new prospects from within our vast data. This data-driven approach means you can acquire new customers affordably and realize the best return on investment for your acquisition campaigns in all channels.

Increasing Revenue from Current Customers

Understand your customers as never before. Our extensive data, analytics, and segmentation allow you to concentrate your resources on the most promising customers in your CRM database. We also help you avoid the high cost of continuing to pursue the wrong customers, and instead, focus on those whose behavior, as indicated in our data, indicates brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

Reactivating Lapsed Customers

Make past customers part of your future marketing plans with our intelligence-driven customer reactivation modeling. We can identify the inactive customers who are most likely to become loyal travelers and guests, based on recent, relevant activity observed elsewhere within our comprehensive data.

Digital Solutions for Travel & Hospitality Marketing

Quickly get your message in front of the right prospects online with Wiland’s suite of data-driven digital advertising solutions. Leveraging powerful transaction data and sophisticated predictive analytics, we offer high-performance digital audiences uniquely aligned with your brand. We also offer turnkey campaign management services that will drive improved results in continuously optimized digital display campaigns. Through our Custom Digital Audiences™, Ultimate On-Demand Audiences®, and Managed Display Campaigns, our digital solutions bring a refreshing level of precision, transparency, and measurability to programmatic ad buying.

Lead Scoring and CRM Data Optimization

Focus your marketing efforts (and dollars) on the customers who are most likely to respond to your next offer. For travel and hospitality companies that generate a large number of leads in their prospecting efforts, our predictive models will score them and enable you to prioritize follow-up sales and marketing efforts for maximum ROI. Your sales team can see a significant increase in converting leads. Our predictive modeling also determines which customers have the greatest potential lifetime value, thus identifying them for greater marketing investment.

Marketing Budget Optimization™

Increase the efficiency of your acquisition efforts. By minimizing marketing waste, you will realize higher campaign performance and superior results. Our predictive, multi-model methodology illuminates the top-performing names—and, equally important, identifies the weakest names—within your net file. This enables you to replace underperforming names before you mail with more responsive Wiland names—high long-term value prospects who will make multiple purchases/donations. You also have the option to reduce mailing size with the savings going to your bottom line or funding marketing in other channels.

Getting Started

Intelligence-Driven Solutions for Travel and Hospitality Marketers. Contact us to learn more!

Travel & Hospitality: Team

Division Leadership

Picture of Dave Hill

Dave Hill

Division Vice President

Dave is a self-proclaimed man of numbers who brings a wealth of direct marketing knowledge in digital and offline environments to his role as Division Vice President with Wiland. With a double major in finance and economics, Dave brings his data-driven focus to overseeing a team responsible for the delivery of innovative solutions and services to several hundred Wiland clients.

Dave’s nearly 30 years of direct marketing experience began at Fingerhut, where he held multiple marketing-related positions. He then moved on to catalog marketer Michigan Bulb, which was part of Foster & Gallagher, where he led the new customer acquisition marketing and circulation functions and oversaw direct response advertising decisions and vendor relationships for more than four years. Prior to joining Wiland, Dave also held numerous senior leadership positions with Epsilon.

Outside of work, Dave has been trained in effective negotiation, management, and coaching for success.

Favorite Quote: “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!” — Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

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Picture of Michelle Harness

Michelle Harness

Vice President of Solutions & Insights

Michelle brings over 25 years of experience developing impactful business partnerships that drive results to her role as Vice President of Solutions & Insights with Wiland. With a diverse background working with brands in numerous highly competitive industries, Michelle looks to provide her clients with creative, effective solutions tailored to accomplish their specific business goals and improve their sales and success.

Recognized as a seasoned, decisive team leader among her peers, Michelle has held multiple senior sales and strategic partnership roles throughout her career. Michelle’s stellar track record is founded on her unique ability to forge connections with clients based on a shared understanding of needs, creative solution development, and effective implementation. She brings experience in purposefully leveraging data-driven marketing solutions to fuel client success as well as expertise in digital advertising, social media and other platform marketing, and CRM solutions to her clients with Wiland.

Outside of work, Michelle can be found playing hostess to gatherings of family and friends over meals, music, and games. She also enjoys spending time with her family (preferably outside) and pursuing her hobbies, including golf, swimming, fishing, and reading.

Favorite Quote: “At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict, or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, or a parent.” –Barbara Bush

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New Business Development

Picture of Kyle Armstrong

Kyle Armstrong

Business Development Manager

As Business Development Manager on the Wiland team, Kyle works with clients to help them discover creative solutions to identifying and reaching the ideal prospects and customers primed to drive peak marketing performance. With a background emphasizing data-driven, intent-based digital advertising solutions to fuel campaign success, Kyle works to help his clients leverage the power of data to maximize their advertising impact and generate superior results.

After attending the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Kyle began his career in newspaper subscription and advertising sales before moving into business development in the cyber security industry with an emphasis on outbound prospecting. With experience collaborating with leading ad agencies, emerging brands, and organizations across multiple other verticals to help them creatively target their ideal marketing audiences, Kyle brings his keen eye for potential and instinct for opportunity to the Wiland team.

Outside of work, Kyle is a native of Little Rock and enjoys spending time with his family, including his three canine companions. He is also an avid runner (half marathons are his race of choice), and he enjoys both road and mountain biking.

Favorite Quote: “Never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill

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Client Services

Picture of Dave Courage

Dave Courage

Client Services Director

People, ideas, data, and strategy are the key elements of a healthy business ecosystem that Dave Courage brings together to create opportunities for quantifiable improvement and growth for his clients. As Client Services Director, Dave seeks to connect these dots to drive increased marketing success for his clients.

Dave has a distinguished career building effective marketing programs for large, national publications and media companies—starting at U.S. News & World Report, and moving on to manager and director roles in consumer marketing strategy at HarperCollins, Condé Nast, and Scientific American. He brings a unique sense of urgency and focus to crafting innovative solutions that drive traffic, engagement, and revenue for his clients. A strategic thinker, Dave takes the time to understand his clients’ business objectives in order to identify solutions that fit their individual needs. Constantly seeking ways to improve and grow, Dave is committed to achieving unprecedented success for his clients.

Dave has a degree in psychology from Vassar College in New York and received his master’s degree in business administration from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Seeking to build and improve outside of the office as well, he spends his free time running, cooking, reading, and woodworking.

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Picture of April Simon

April Simon

Client Services Director

April brings extensive marketing experience and a deep knowledge of Wiland’s products, services, and philosophy to all of her client relationships in her role as Client Services Director. Having worked with clients across a wide range of industries, April enjoys solving unique challenges and finds fun and enlightenment in coming to truly understand her clients’ goals and objectives, allowing her to help them find the best solutions possible to meet their needs.

April began her direct marketing career with National Demographics & Lifestyles in 1993 before moving on to Arvato, part of Bertelsmann, which often provided the opportunity to travel abroad, specifically to Germany. April came to Wiland in 2007, where she advanced to outside sales. A cancer survivor, April credits both her family and her Wiland colleagues for lovingly helping her through to where she is today, and she brings a fresh, positive perspective to everything she does professionally and personally.

When she’s not at work, April enjoys spending time with her family and is also busy taking care of her own personal menagerie of pets and animals. From her beloved dogs to her ducks, pigs, goats, and even steer, there is always something or someone to be tended to on her farm.

Favorite Quote: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” —Dale Carnegie (attributed) by way of April’s mother

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Product Management

Picture of Dave Brown

Dave Brown

SVP, Product Management

Dave is passionate about learning and exploring, both at work and in his personal life. He loves to challenge his own ideas and notions, always seeking to improve. These traits, coupled with his love of facts and statistics, drew him to direct marketing some 20 years ago; and these virtues are brought to his role at Wiland, where he oversees product development and marketing for the many vertical markets that Wiland serves.

Before joining the company, Dave spent nearly a decade in senior marketing positions at multi-brand catalog retail companies including Astral Direct and Concepts Direct. He also has significant service-side experience, having worked with major direct-marketing clients at EDS, the Polk Company and Prime Response.

Dave graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, and from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he received his MBA and, more importantly, met his wife. Having lived in Springfield, Missouri for a number of years near the beautiful Ozark Mountains, Dave and his family have returned to Colorado where the much larger Rocky Mountains form the iconic western skyline. When not developing new marketing solutions for our clients, Dave enjoys watching his teenage son and daughter play competitive soccer, traveling to lands near and far, and, of course, exploring.

Favorite Quote: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” —Mark Twain (attributed)

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Picture of Will Clayton

Will Clayton

SVP, Digital Product Management

Immersed in the exciting personal computer revolution of the 80s, Will cut his teeth on desktop publishing and computer graphic arts. After earning a bachelor’s degree in education and physics from Brigham Young University and an MBA from North Carolina State University with an emphasis on product innovation and marketing, he developed online storefronts and other early web technology.

He then helped other innovative companies turn ideas into viable marketing tools. Recently, his focus has been on the appropriate, secure use of consumer data for effective marketing; optimization tools for creative, audience and media; cutting-edge technical developments in digital marketing; and the evolution of mobile, local, video and other rapidly emerging digital channels.

Will says his true work and passion is at home, where he helps care for, and learns from, six amazing children. He teaches safety and leadership skills to Boy Scouts and to adult Scout advisers. An accomplished and award-winning Toastmaster, Will stands ready to address any gathering. As our go-to guy on digital, Will expands Wiland’s bandwidth by translating geeky concepts into simple explanations and thorny technical challenges into elegant product solutions.

Favorite Quote: “Real genius is nothing else but the supernatural virtue of humility in the domain of thought.” —Simone Weil

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Picture of Lia Feldman

Lia Feldman

Marketing Director

Lia brings over 15 years of marketing experience to her role as Marketing Director at Wiland. She manages Wiland’s marketing strategy and communications, as well as all aspects of our corporate identity and brand. Lia is a Colorado native, and she lives with her husband Zack and her daughter Zoe in the foothills of northern Colorado, where they take full advantage of the outdoor lifestyle, including boating, hiking, and camping.

Favorite Quote: “Someday is made up of a thousand tiny nows.”

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