Data-Driven Solutions for Automotive Industry Marketers

At a time when consumers are more empowered than ever, they are taking full advantage of the information available to them. When it comes to buying a car or truck, the average consumer spends almost 20 hours researching online before making a purchase. All that research and browsing activity can yield valuable data for OEMs and dealers to leverage for more effective marketing.

But that data is only a part of the picture. Complementing that information is additional data about consumers' preferences and priorities as expressed in their total purchasing behavior. This additional data—and we have more of it than anyone else—can be analyzed to find correlations between automobile purchasing and other consumer transactions. This insight enables predictive modeling capable of driving highly targeted marketing in both online and offline channels.



It all begins with the Wiland Database—the largest, most diverse consumer transaction database in the U.S. Continuously refreshed with data from thousands of companies and organizations spanning multiple categories, the Wiland Database includes myriad data points on more than 235 million U.S. consumers.

Our solutions can drive increased customer awareness, brand preference, and lead generation leading to better marketing ROI. Wiland's predictive modeling can identify optimal prospects before they are even in-market, and then further inform marketing efforts once they show an interest in a particular make or model, including those of competitors. Integrated with search engine marketing and other digital advertising, Wiland solutions deliver a crucial edge in a highly competitive automotive marketplace.


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