Marketing Intelligence for Business to Business Companies

Marketing services for B2B companies start with the foundation of a strong database source. The Wiland Database is focused on known transactional activity, which provides knowledge for recency, responsibility, purchase channel, category, capacity, and other key indicators of likelihood to respond and spend. Wiland B2B services are unique in that we don't try to resell a compiled list of businesses and traditional profile information. Instead, our B2B clients utilize our massive transactional database. We have over 2,500 clients that contribute transactional spend behavior and therefore we have in the Wiland database millions of transactions occurring each year between businesses. As a result, the B2B audiences we provide are all known direct buyers and the audiences typically produce superior results to other sources.

Wiland's solution set can work for virtually any type of marketer. The following B2B markets in particular have a strong synergy with the Wiland transactional database and our comprehensive services:

  • Office Supplies & Furniture

Pens, legal pads, stationery, small office furniture, desktop accessories, and other things found in a home office or small office  

  • Food & Gifts

Business gifts, including gift baskets, food, and other corporate-oriented gift items  

  • General Industrial Supplies

Tools, building supplies, shelving, packaging material, containers, and adhesives  

  • Uniforms & Apparel

Work and business clothing, such as lab coats, medical scrubs, work boots, and chef's attire   

  • Church & Religious Supplies

Merchandise for churches, religious organizations, church choir directors, youth ministers, and more.  

  • Teacher & Educational Supplies

Teaching supplies such as books & media, desk supplies, arts & crafts, and games & activities 

Clearly there are many more B2B markets than are listed above and this shouldn't be interpreted as a limit to our capabilities. With over 2,500 clients, we cover a broad spectrum of marketers. We want to be successful for every client. Therefore, depending on the type of business, we may recommend a more cautious approach for initial testing, if our analysis indicates that this is prudent.

B2B companies rely on Wiland to help them reach their markets, make sales, and drive business to their web sites. Leveraging our vast consumer database, innovative analytics, and advanced technology, Wiland delivers a comprehensive set of services that help our clients increase ROI, measure results, and produce incremental revenue & profit. Strategically, we want to serve many more B2B markets, but outside the markets listed above we don't have much market penetration. So we recommend that any client who doesn't "fit" one of our strong markets test very cautiously.

We Deliver the Right Market

We maintain a cooperative database that is used only for the benefit of our clients who provide data to it. We use this database in conjunction with our proprietary analytics to define the optimum market for a client's products or services. The Wiland database houses billions of transactions from thousands of clients, giving us unprecedented visibility into spending activity. We know the what, when, and how of buying behavior. Using this data, we build powerful predictive models to identify highly responsive, high Long-Term Value audiences that can be addressed online and offline. And we make these superlative audiences available to our clients, who connect with them using direct mail programs and through the Wiland Digital Network™, featuring real-time bidding for display, video, mobile, and social media ads across dozens of networks: Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, and many others.

The Result: Improved Marketing Productivity, Faster Investment Returns, and Better Long-Term Customer Value.

We Optimize Marketing Budgets in Every Channel

Most B2B marketers have waste in their marketing budget. Over and over, they spend significant sums of money targeting audiences containing segments that do not respond well. Our predictive models identify such waste and eliminate it before the budget is spent. Clients use our customer modeling, customer reactivation, marketing budget optimization, outside list optimization and other optimization solutions to retain the profitable opportunities in existing audiences and get rid of the unprofitable ones. The savings can either fall to your business's bottom line or be redeployed to more productive marketing campaigns.

The Result: Fewer Poorly Targeted Advertising Messages; More Revenue & Profit.

We Provide Marketing Intelligence that Drives Better Decisions

Wiland understands the transactional behavior of direct-responsive B2B markets. This deep intelligence fuels a variety of strategic analytic services—such as Measured Brand Advertising™ and Customer Lifecycle Modeling™—that give clients a competitive edge by enabling profitable, brand-enhancing marketing strategies.

The Result: Better, Smarter Marketing Investments that Propel Long-Term Success.

We Provide Insight that Enables B2B Companies to Know Their Customers Better than Ever Before

We help our B2B clients understand their customers better than ever before. Our vast transactional data spans virtually every spending category—Multichannel Retail, Store Retail, Publishing, Fundraising, Consumer Services and Travel & Hospitality at the detail level. This data drives powerful insights that help clients properly position their brands, uncover new opportunities, and make better marketing decisions.

The Result: A Stronger, More Competitive Brand. 

How We Help B2B Companies

Using our vast transactional data and innovative analytical techniques, Wiland helps business to business companies: 

  • Affordably acquire new high-LTV customers both online and offline
  • Target the most profitable customer audiences in the right channels
  • Profitably reactivate lapsed and dormant customers
  • Maximize customer value and engagement at every lifecycle stage
  • Convert low-value customers into loyal, higher-value core customers
  • Eliminate wasted marketing budget by optimizing outside audiences
  • Boost response rates and profit from website retargeting with modeled audiences
  • Improve marketing ROI with digital/direct mail co-targeting
  • Increase retail store traffic, revenue, and customer retention
  • Understand existing customers and their spending behavior
  • Increase web site traffic and engagement  

Delivering the Future

Wiland delivers solutions that help B2B companies become more successful and profitable, both now and in the future. Wiland clients realize immediate bottom-line benefits from our targeted audiences and optimization services. But we also strive to deliver a more profitable future for clients by helping them better understand their customers and markets and enabling them to act on that intelligence. This is the future we are delivering. 

What Clients have to say about Wiland...

"…a cornerstone of our success has been our partnership with Wiland. By utilizing Wiland's comprehensive suite of data-based products, we have been able to reduce costs and increase ROI by more accurately reaching our target market. Wiland is truly providing an unparalleled product in the marketplace and we are privileged to have them on our team!" 

"With the niche nature of our brands, I'm skeptical of those who claim to be able to find us new audiences, but your models have been absolutely stunning." 

"The depth and performance of your custom response models is fantastic. They're the strongest models we've ever tested." 

"Your reactivation model beat the others head-to-head and that made a big impact on profitability this year." 

"Wiland has been the bright spot in our prospecting, even in a tough year. We always have room for names that work as well as yours did." 

"We've evaluated many models but Wiland is the only company that added value to our robust in-house modeling process." 

"We really appreciate the way you took our idea and ran with it. Other partners we work with never even approach this level of service and proactive thinking." 

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