Consumer Services

There is growing demand for home and personal services in the United States. Spas and health clubs have become increasingly important to consumers. Cars need to be fixed, windows need to be replaced, taxes need to be filed. And each customer requires these services at different times, sometimes letting months or years elapse between purchases. The key is to find these customers wherever they are in their customer journey, and meet them with an offer that suits their needs.

Identifying and reaching responsive, qualified new customers requires leveraging the best data resources available—the kind of powerful insights that can be found at Wiland. We possess detailed transactional data on 235 million U.S. consumers, enabling us to identify those most likely respond to your brand and your offers. From national marketing campaigns to localized lead generation, we model consumer audiences that resemble your best customers, enabling you to deploy direct mail and digital advertising that generate the best response possible rates.

We have the ability to identify new leads most likely to become loyal, repeat customers. So, we don't just find more customers—we find better ones. We help you avoid the high cost and tremendous waste of pursuing the wrong leads.


We have saved our clients millions of dollars in marketing costs while generating hundreds of millions in purchases.


Customer Optimization and Reactivation

In addition to helping your company find new, qualified customers, Wiland also helps you understand your current customers better than ever before. We offer solutions that analyze and optimize your customer housefile to generate more revenue from active and even lapsed customers. As a result, you can concentrate marketing resources on your most promising customers to maximize their spending. We can also help you reactivate lapsed customers and find the most likely new buyers among individuals who have asked for information or otherwise shown interest, but yet to make a purchase.

The Wiland Database

Continuously updated by thousands of participating clients, the Wiland Database offers a 360-degree view of consumer behavior, providing deep insight into the purchases and priorities of 235 million Americans as determined by their total transaction histories. Because our data is continuously refreshed, it also represents the most current understanding of American consumers available.


When you work with Wiland, your company will be able to:

  • Affordably acquire new high-value customers
  • Profitably reactivate lapsed customers
  • Boost response rates and net revenue
  • Eliminate waste in marketing budgets
  • Improve customer retention
  • Convert low-value customers into loyal, high-value customers
  • Leverage the power of highly targeted digital advertising
  • Improve marketing ROI with digital/direct mail co-targeting

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