Digital Solutions for Multichannel Retailers

Wiland's Digital Mission: Multichannel Retailers 

Wiland is a leading marketing intelligence company serving a wide and varied spectrum of the nation's top multichannel retailing enterprises. Drawing upon an unparalleled transactional database, innovative analytical methodologies, and advanced technology, Wiland delivers highly-targeted digital marketing solutions that drive:

  • Significant Incremental Revenue and Profit
  • Dramatic Improvement in Digital Marketing ROI
  • Measurable Results

Wiland Digital Solutions™ leverages deep consumer intelligence, powerful predictive analytics, advanced advertising technology, and a network of leading web publishers with massive reach to enable Wiland clients to present their marketing messages to precisely targeted audiences. The result: fewer wasted messages, improved campaign profitability, and better long term customer value.

Wiland Digital Solutions™ leverages deep consumer intelligence, powerful predictive analytics, advanced advertising technology, and a network of leading web publishers with massive reach to enable Wiland clients to present their marketing messages to precisely targeted audiences. 

While data and technology are necessary and powerful ingredients to Wiland Digital Solutions™, it is imprudent to simply plug a client into the Wiland solution stack, give them an audience and leave execution up to them. An effective digital program requires careful coordination and disciplined execution in order to achieve the desired results. For example, what a client requires to be measured at the end of a campaign informs the campaign design and selection methodology at the beginning of the campaign. Selection and design inform the media strategy. Audience, offer, creative and media all guide the optimization strategies deployed during the campaign.

With Wiland Digital Solutions™, Wiland manages everything, from audience creation to media buying, to mid-stream campaign tuning, to results evaluation and ongoing strategy. The Wiland team has the full complement of expertise required to implement, execute, and evaluate a digital marketing campaign. Wiland combines the technical infrastructure with a dedicated Client Service and Digital Operations staff to guide the client:

  • Determining a Campaign Strategy
  • Establishing Performance Metrics in advance
  • Reviewing Campaign-Appropriate Ad Creative
  • Executing the Campaigns into appropriate media
  • Continuously monitoring results
  • Optimizing Campaigns regularly to deliver best results 
  • Keeping the Client informed along the way

In addition to providing the infrastructure and services to help ensure that the campaigns meet client objectives, Wiland Digital Solutions™ are engineered to protect existing and potential customers' privacy. It is vital to communicate with consumers the types of information that is collected about them, how it is used, and to provide them a mechanism to opt out of such usage. Wiland Digital Solutions™ provides this notice and choice within each ad served. Additionally, all consumer data contributed to Wiland is protected by industry-best privacy protocols. Wiland is a member of leading trade associations that publish, promote and insist on the best practices in privacy. Wiland is committed to complying with these best practices and encourages clients to do so.

Multichannel Retailers and the Digital Channel

During the time that digital marketing has been available to retailing enterprises there has been much speculation concerning its immediate and long-term impact. Some early adopters predicted the rapid ascendency of digital channels and the demise of direct mail and in-store retail. Other retailers stuck rigidly to what they knew and dismissed the new 'fringe' digital channels.

Wiland companies have been known for decades for technical innovation and software excellence.  Wiland has applied this  expertise to the digital marketing channel.  

In the early years (the 1990s), most retailers proclaimed themselves to be brick and mortar retailers, catalog merchants, or web enterprises. The brick and mortar retailers quickly added web sites and moved forward with digital initiatives, but most believed that most consumers would always want to see and touch a product before purchasing it and that people enjoyed the social experience of shopping at stores and in malls. Some retailers did not give enough attention to the fact that some consumers value convenience and time savings over a shopping experience that also involves the three Ts: Time, Traffic, and Transportation expenses. Catalog merchants had long believed that many consumers love to curl up in a comfortable chair and shop at their leisure. Some retailers viewed their websites simply as a new, cost-saving order channel and gave little attention to learning about digital marketing. Meanwhile, postage costs rose and vehicle traffic worsened, and a few savvy new companies quickly amassed huge customer bases in the digital arena. Early web merchants touted ease and convenience of ordering but had to confront secure payment issues, web scammers of multiple varieties and other challenges facing brand new technologies. 

As each channel strove to remedy its disadvantages and further enhance its advantages, they all discovered that, except in rare cases, single channel enterprises were a thing of the past. Bugs with web sites were resolved. Consumers got comfortable with ordering online. Technology to support secure digital shopping developed. And today, although the pace of change remains rapid, virtually everyone is multichannel for both ordering and marketing. Some are ahead in one channel, behind in others, but almost all are multichannel. It is clear that there are consumers who prefer one channel vs. others, but it is also clear that many consumers like multiple channels. So retailers who want their business to thrive need to be good at connecting with consumers in multiple channels.

Brick and mortar has been around for centuries and catalogs are well into their 2nd century. In different ways each has developed methods of reaching desired audiences, measuring the effectiveness of their marketing channels and analyzing their marketing mix through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). By way of contrast, digital channels were the Wild West of marketing during the 1990s, and digital technology and media are still evolving rapidly. At first there were limited options for targeting audiences and measuring results. Be it display advertising, e-mail marketing, mobile, search or other digital channels, delivery of digital marketing messages was easy but reaching the appropriate audience, paying reasonable rates for the audience, measuring results and analyzing them was difficult. 

Wiland recognizes the exciting opportunities for digital marketing, but also the need to overcome such challenges. Audiences need to be more responsive. Results need to be measured more accurately. Tests need to cost less. Wiland companies have been known for decades for technical innovation and software excellence. Wiland has applied this expertise to the digital marketing channel. The result is Wiland Digital Solutions™, a set of services and toolbox of capabilities that meet the challenges head on, integrating the fundamental, time-tested principles of direct marketing with sophisticated real-time bidding, targeted digital audience deployment, proprietary tag management to track results, and an advertising network with massive reach. As a leading marketing technology innovator since the early 1970's, Wiland embraces the digital channels and strives to make them easy for clients, large and small, to employ when appropriate in marketing programs. 

Wiland Digital Solutions™ Multichannel Retail Products

Wiland offers many advantages: responsive audiences; sophisticated technology; accurate measurement; massive reach across dozens of networks, including Facebook, Google, and many more; full campaign management and reporting; and low cost of entry (test campaigns do not require a large media budget). This includes managing campaigns, optimizing, and providing results reporting and analysis. The client simply provides creative assets and enables a WDS tag container on their website. 

Wiland services appeal to clients of all sizes, including those that are regional. Wiland will work directly with a client's marketing team or with their agency. Campaigns may be addressed to a small niche audience or a broad national audience. 

Generally services are provided for four distinct campaign types: 

Prospecting/New Customer Acquisition—Helping clients acquire desirable new customers via highly targeted digital advertising campaigns optimized in real time for maximum performance. Wiland manages the entire campaign from start to finish:

  • Determine the most responsive audiences as the starting point for campaigns.
  • Test the target audiences in two ways; deep to determine potential and by segment to determine performance of a smaller, high-performing bulls-eye. 
  • Gradually broaden the audiences and strategies to optimize reach within agreed upon Key Performance Indicator (KPI) goals.
  • Keep the client informed during and after each campaign with excellent measurement and reporting. 

Customer Marketing—Via anonymized tags Wiland will locate a client's customers online. Based on client data and data from the Wiland database, identify the client's customers who are right for a particular offer. When desired, different customer subsets may be served different offers, such as discounts to stimulate reactivation, special offers to recent buyers to stimulate repeat purchasing, and special offers for niche campaigns. Whatever the offer, Wiland will match it to the right customers.

Retargeting—All Multichannel Retail clients have website visitors who don't buy on a particular visit. Wiland Digital Solutions™ will keep track of them and serve ads that encourage them to return and buy. Wiland focuses on measuring incremental spending against a hold out group that is not exposed to the digital campaign. Wiland will consult with the client to decide how to tailor retargeting ads based on factors such as:

  • Consumer Status: Distinguish the brand's customers from prospects, and vary retargeting ads accordingly. 
  • Customer Relationship: Using data such as date of last purchase, average order value, and product categories purchased, serve different ads to different past customers. 
  • Prospect Quality: Not all website visitors are alike. Some prospects have the potential to be great customers with strong Long-Term Value (LTV). Others aren't worth the spend. Using Wiland data, the site visitors who are not past customers can be evaluated. Some are retargeted while others are not. We can increase the bid amount to capture the market of those that have the most potential.
  • Site Activity: Vary the creative and offer to a consumer based on their browsing behavior or modify the amount spent to retarget a consumer based on the amount of time that has passed since their most recent site visit, the pages they visited and items they viewed, etc.

The collective impact of these capabilities and the ability to adjust quickly to new information results in impressive outcomes for clients. Wiland has many cases of success for Multichannel Retailers that tested with other service providers and had concluded there was no benefit to retargeting. Wiland encourages retargeting comparisons vs. other providers. Virtually every Multichannel Retail client should be retargeting. Wiland provides test opportunities for clients at affordable cost that will accurately measure incremental revenue, and prove it works. 

Email and Direct Mail Co-Targeting—This capability allows Wiland Clients to notify, energize or remind customers of targeted campaign communications they are receiving through other channels. Display advertising campaigns targeted to recipients of client email programs and direct mail campaigns often result in a meaningful lift in overall campaign response. As with all Wiland digital services, the service includes tracking incremental revenue and accurately determining the value of each campaign.

Wiland Digital Solutions™ are a true value proposition. Multichannel retailers can explore digital marketing channels at affordable cost without adding to their marketing staff because Wiland manages campaigns for them as an extension of their staff. Large national and regional store retailers, brands that began in the catalog world, online retailers that don't have stores or a catalog—all find Wiland Digital Solutions™ to be highly effective. Incremental. Proven. 

Getting Started

Wiland brings established direct marketing disciplines to online marketing. Key benefits of Wiland digital marketing programs include:

  • Precise targeting of online audiences to maximize revenue, profit and ROI.
  • Fully managed digital advertising campaigns, deployed across dozens of online networks and optimized in real time to meet the client's performance metrics.
  • Performance-based campaigns, customized to achieve client's specifically desired KPIs.
  • Proven test-and-control methodology that enables clients to accurately measure the true incremental impact of the campaign.

Wiland offers Multichannel Retailers a fresh solution to digital marketing. Whether a Multichannel Retail brand is long-experienced or new to digital marketing we are confident Wiland Digital Solutions™ will prove to be an easy and affordable path to success.

Wiland's Multichannel Retail experts are here to assist. Contact us today for a free consultation and test Wiland Digital Solutions™.

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