Lapsed Donor Reactivation for Nonprofits

For most organizations, reactivating lapsed donors is crucial to fundraising success. Through their past support, these donors have demonstrated an affinity for the organization's cause, making many of them excellent candidates to give again—often outperforming the best prospect audiences.

At Wiland, we enable nonprofit organizations to maximize revenue from reactivation efforts by pinpointing lapsed donors most likely to give again using powerful predictive analytics and our massive database. Our reactivation models draw upon both client and Wiland data, which include transactions from over 1,000 nonprofit clients, to differentiate between likely responders and non-responders —resulting in large, incremental universes of lapsed donors that consistently perform well.

What Makes Wiland Lapsed Modeling Better?

Deeper, More Diverse Data

  • The Wiland database houses billions of transactions from thousands of clients—which include over 1,000 nonprofit organizations—giving us unprecedented visibility into donor spending and interests.
  • Wiland's lapsed donor models are enriched by transactional data from multiple industries, including multichannel and store retail, publishing, consumer services, and travel and hospitality.

"Our lapsed donor reactivation program has been producing consistently good results since we began using the Wiland model."
-Jean Keuler
of the Divine Savior

Better Analytics

  • Our bottom-line-focused donor models utilize proprietary statistical algorithms, dozens of variables, and validation across multiple promotions to maximize performance.
  • Recent transactional activity is the most important determinant in whether a lapsed donor will give again; with tens of millions of new transactions informing Wiland's models each month, we are uniquely equipped to identify lapsed donors most likely to respond.

More Incremental Names

  • Wiland's unmatched data depth and proprietary analytical methodologies enable us to consistently deliver high-performing names that are incremental to other modeling sources.
  • Multiple tests have shown that Wiland's lapsed donor models find larger volumes of productive names than other sources, resulting in greater revenue and net income.

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Proven Performance

  • In a recent head-to-head lapsed model test, Wiland consistently delivered dramatically higher revenue per donor.

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Wiland is Here to Help

Nonprofit organizations connect people to information regarding the things they care about. They connect people across the country that they may never visit in person. They teach. They inform. And they inspire.  

Wiland is committed to helping your organization thrive in today's challenging and evolving marketplace, in both digital and traditional channels. Wiland helps clients better understand their best donors and make the most of their donors' potential for giving. Now with decades of experience, and unsurpassed data and predicative modeling capability, Wiland offers a range of powerful and surprisingly affordable way to supercharge your donor cultivation efforts.  

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