Email Solutions for Political Fundraisers

Email can be a powerful fundraising tool, but only if it reaches the right people with the right message.

At Wiland, we maintain the nation's premier database of donor and consumer transactions, with myriad data points on virtually every adult in the U.S. Using predictive analytics and sophisticated audience modeling, we deploy email fundraising campaigns that break through the clutter and resonate with the recipients.

Targeting By Issues

Using sophisticated audience analysis and leveraging massive data resources, accurate email targeting is possible, and the results are outstanding.

Wiland's email solution puts your message in front of prospective new donors who care about specific issues and have a proven history of making repeat donations. Our proprietary data can target donors based on issues and affinities including:

• Republican Party Affiliation
• Tea Party Affiliation
• Border Control Proponents
• Second Amendment Rights
• Social Conservatives
• Economic Conservatives
• Veterans
• Seniors

This insight enables us to create a custom audience for your email appeals. Our data-driven approach, proven successful in the direct mail channel and now applied to email, quickly brings in responsive new donors who become part of your own house list. The result is an affordable, effective solution with tremendous return on investment.

Optimization Through Testing and Measurement

Our email marketing solution supports multivariate testing of message, creative and subject lines within the same campaign. You will have the confidence that you are reaching your target audiences with the most compelling combination of content and creative to move them to action.

Wiland is Here to Help

Wiland is a leading provider of audience intelligence and data-driven fundraising solutions. Regardless of channel—email, direct mail, digital display—fundraisers rely on us to deliver highly responsive audiences that fuel their organizations' growth and financial sustainability. Wiland clients span a wide range of industries including political and charitable organizations, multichannel retail, publishing, and many others. Our cooperative database contains vast donor, consumer and subscriber data that is continuously updated by our 3,000+ clients. Through predictive analytics and proprietary audience modeling, we help our clients find new, high quality donors while optimizing relationships with existing ones. For fundraisers seeking a dedicated partner that understands today's right-of-center donors, Wiland offers years of experience and an impressive track record of success.

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