Political Nonprofits Find Donors in Non-Donor Files

Almost all political non-profits have lists of individuals other than their active donors. These lists include contacts generated in a wide variety of ways. For example:    

  • Donors who gave in the past but not recently  
  • Individuals who participated in a survey, either online or via direct mail  
  • People who signed petitions, or answered poll questions  
  • Individuals who signed up for an on-line newsletter, periodic email update, etc.  
  • Volunteers, campaign workers, seminar or other event attendees  
  • Anyone whose email address or other contact you have been able to obtain from social media, such as Facebook Likes, or other such sources  
  • People who added their name and street address, provided an email address, gave a phone number, or otherwise identified themselves via some other means or cause related to the organization.  

Such lists are often thought of as cost centers rather than as assets. It costs money to maintain these names on a database. For some political and issue advocacy fundraisers these inactive and non-donor universes—accumulated over several years—can be quite large. Sometimes they are discarded.  

The fact is there is gold hidden in these lists. Properly used, inactive and non-donor lists can be valuable assets, not liabilities, because there are donors in these lists ready to be renewed or activated for the first time. But how can you find the ones that actually have a high probability of giving?

Wiland Offers a Solution

Wiland is well known for providing prospects from the massive Wiland database that contains more donor information than any other source. But in addition, Wiland can score your owned lists and find the gold in them. Wiland creates a predictive model that reliably predicts which individuals on your non-donor or inactive donor files are ripe for a donation appeal. Think about it. Buried in these audiences that you already own is a subset that could perform well in your next donor acquisition effort! Every fundraiser knows that half the battle in acquiring new donors is finding people that already have some awareness of and interest in your organization. Your inactive and non-donor lists meet that test. Isn't it time you got some value from lists you maintain but have found little practical use for.  

What makes this work? Think about it. There are a lot of reasons these lists typically do not perform well in their entirety. Some may have just been curious and really are not interested. Some are now of advanced in age and no longer able to give. Some may have lost interest in your cause. Some are very interested, so they signed up, but they are not givers. But, there are also many who do give or will give. Wiland knows how to identify this gold, even if it is only a small portion of the total.

Wiland's Key Advantage: Unmatched Depth of Data

Wiland knows which people on your inactive and non-donor lists don't give to anyone. That's step one: drop the non-givers. But that's not all. The Wiland database includes more donation history on individuals than exists anywhere else, plus transactional information (billions of transactions) that reveal donor activities as consumers (the products they buy; the publications they read; and more). Using all of this data Wiland creates a model that ranks the givers on your lists by probability of giving to you. The ones that score high are the gold.

The Wiland cooperative database (over 2,500 participating clients) is unsurpassed in size and scope. In addition to its vast amount of transactional data, it contains demographic and psychographic data on virtually every direct responsive person in the United States, including almost 70 million known donors to various nonprofit appeals. The result is a robust, 360-degree view of donor behavior that enables Wiland to tell you which of your inactive donors and non-donor names are active givers elsewhere and prime targets for your acquisition efforts.

Wiland is Here to Help

Political committees, issue advocacy groups, candidates, and ballot initiatives are vital components of our national political structure. Organizations connect people to information regarding the things they care about. They connect activists across the country who may never meet in person. Political and issue fundraisers teach, they inform, they inspire, and they influence.

Wiland is committed to helping political clients thrive in today's challenging and evolving marketplace by helping them convert inactive and non-donors into active donors, acquire new donors, improve their existing donor base, and enhance their brand image. Through the identification of audiences that give initially and give again at above average rates, Wiland seeks to enhance the financial viability of every nonprofit group it serves.

Contact Wiland today to learn more about their entire suite of donor acquisition and other political services. Wiland is here to help.



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