Digital Solutions for Political Nonprofits

Wiland is the nation's leading market intelligence company serving the political nonprofit community. For many years, we have enabled organizations to successfully reach new, current and lapsed donors. By relying on Wiland's sophisticated data analytics and donor behavior modeling, political fundraisers achieve their most ambitious donor revenue objectives. Included among our many services are innovative online advertising solutions.

Digital fundraising is powerful, affordable and highly measurable either as a complement to traditional channels such as direct mail, or as a stand-alone marketing tool.

Digital ads can be used to reinforce an organization's overall mission or make requests for donations in times of greatest need. Delivered on a continuous basis, digital advertising can keep an organization top of mind with current and prospective donors who will later be more likely to respond to specific appeals.

Digital advertising offers political fundraisers other advantages, too: Messaging can be changed almost instantly in response to real-time events and urgent needs, with new creative deployed mere minutes after approval. Digital advertising also allows them to reach new audiences that spend significant time on the Web, reaching them at all times of day on their desktops or mobile devices.

Wiland's political nonprofit clients that include digital advertising as part of their marketing mix are enjoying numerous benefits, including:

  • Identifying and reaching new and lapsed donors;
  • Building their visibility and their brand;
  • Magnifying the impact of traditional fundraising channels such as direct mail; and
  • Reaching new, previously untapped audiences.

Wiland Digital Solutions™

Wiland Digital Solutions™ is a comprehensive suite of services that applies proven direct marketing techniques to online advertising. The result is an unprecedented level of precision when it comes to deploying digital advertising campaigns to individuals most likely to respond to an organization's message.

Wiland's approach to digital advertising allows political organizations to answer questions such as:

  • How do we seamlessly integrate digital marketing with our current fundraising efforts?
  • How do we cost effectively "go digital" in our fundraising and donor outreach?
  • How do we quickly catch up with groups competing for donations in our space that are ahead of us in the digital channels?
  • How do we avoid costly trial and error?

Digital Campaigns Based on Data—Not Guesswork

At Wiland, everything we do is driven by data. Our database houses billions of consumer, subscriber, and donor transactions, continuously updated with data from thousands of nonprofit and for-profit entities. This gives us unprecedented visibility into donor interests and behavior. Using this information, Wiland builds predictive models to pinpoint the donor segments, prospect audiences, and recent site visitors who are most likely to respond to the organization's digital advertising. This allows precise targeting of online audiences in order to maximize the number of donations and gift size. We then measure immediate and subsequent response to every digital campaign–constantly refining and optimizing where and how ads appear, as well as delivering reports for gauging each campaign's effectiveness.

Four Powerful Solutions

Wiland Digital Solutions™ addresses four major categories for nonprofit organizations:

Acquisition Efforts

We affordably acquire new donors with highly targeted online display ads optimized in real time for maximum performance. Wiland's reach is extensive across multiple advertising and social media networks, reaching prospective donors on all devices—desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Donor Campaigns

Digital marketing presents exciting new opportunities to communicate with active and lapsed donors. These can be large campaigns that, in effect, are an extra appeal. Or, they can be small campaigns that reach donor subsets with highly targeted messaging–messaging that responds to breaking news events or appeals to donors differently based on the specific issues that matter most to them.

Website Retargeting

Some of the best prospects are people who have browsed a website but did not make a donation at the time. When these visitors are retargeted—reached with a digital ad shortly after their visit—response rates can be quite high. Wiland Digital Solutions™ can reach these retargeting prospects quickly and help turn them into donors. We can even deliver different creative for visitors who have made a donation in the past and those who have not.

Co-targeting Campaigns

Adding digital advertising to an e-mail or direct mail campaign can create a level of reinforcement that not only raises awareness, but actually increases response. Deploying overlapping channels like this can boost marketing ROI while lowering fundraising costs.

At Wiland, our approach focuses on the incremental increase in response and revenue that our solutions can generate, not merely the volume of impressions we can deliver. To assure such measurable results, we conduct a test of a proposed campaign using a small portion of the budget to validate and optimize its effectiveness before rolling out the full campaign. Once deployed, every campaign is continuously measured for response and optimized for improvement.

Protecting Consumer Privacy

Privacy and consumer preference are important issues to digital marketing. We are able to identify and avoid interactions with individuals who have requested privacy. It is vital to communicate with consumers the types of information that is collected about them, how it is used, and to provide them a mechanism to opt out of such usage. Wiland Digital SolutionsTM provides this notice and choice within each ad we serve.

Getting Started

Wiland is committed to serving as trusted partners to our political nonprofit clients, equipping them to thrive in today's challenging and evolving world of donor cultivation. We make it easy and affordable to get started and to test the effectiveness of our digital solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our entire suite of digital and other data-driven marketing services.

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