Digital Solutions for Publishers

The ability to reach a wide Internet audience through online advertising has existed since the 1990s. The problem, however, has been the poorly targeted nature of the medium, resulting in wasted ad spend and weak or inconclusive results. Even as digital ad technology has grown more sophisticated, it has lacked two critical ingredients:  

  1. Consumer intelligence capable of identifying highly responsive audiences; and
  2. Systems capable of measuring true ROI on digital ad spending.  

Until now.  

Wiland Digital Solutions™ is able to supply what has been missing for so long:  

  1. Deep insights arising from our industry-leading cooperative database, the largest marketing database of its kind. With 250 million unique consumer profiles supplied by our 3,000+ clients, Wiland is able to understand the transactional behaviors of virtually every adult in the U.S., including over 160 million direct-to-publisher subscriptions.  
  2. A proprietary digital advertising platform that reaches target audiences cost-effectively and precisely measures results—specifically, the true incremental lift generated by each campaign.  

Leveraging this in-depth consumer data, Wiland performs custom analytics that pinpoint the best possible audience for every publisher served. We then apply proven direct marketing disciplines to online advertising campaigns designed to acquire ideal new subscribers and promote renewals.  

The result can truly be described as Digital Direct Marketing—a powerful solution capable of recognizing a publisher's active subscribers and best prospects when they are online and then serving them precisely targeted messages and offers. Leveraging this methodology, Wiland publishing industry clients enjoy numerous advantages including:  

  • Precise targeting to reduce costs and maximize ROI
  • Addressable advertising to securely reach target audiences of known consumers
  • Fully managed digital campaigns, actively monitored and optimized daily
  • Massive reach across dozens of online networks
  • Flexibility in the type of ad (display, video, mobile, social) as well as timing and frequency
  • The ability to test and compare varied creative and different offers
  • Integration with email and direct mail campaigns to co-target the same audience via multiple channels
  • A test-and-control methodology that accurately measures the true incremental impact of campaigns
  • Clarity regarding the attribution of acquisitions and renewals
  • The ability to adjust ad networks, timing and frequency to optimize response
  • Regular reporting and consultation on results  

And unlike other online advertising programs, Wiland Digital Solutions™ can segment online audiences by subscription purchase behavior and current relationship to a publication. One of the core principles driving this process is that the best predictor of future subscription purchases is past subscription purchases. All with the most comprehensive data on these response-critical behaviors.    

Leveraging the Wiland Digital Network™  

Wiland's specialists help publishers establish the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for each title published. Publishers also specify the most relevant metrics of online advertising campaign conversions, enabling:  

  1. Minimize Cost Per Action (CPA), e.g., new subscription, renewal, email lead
  2. Maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), e.g., amount of revenue per ad dollar  

Once a title's KPIs are identified, our technology specialists launch and manage your campaigns. Your ads—static, animated or video—are deployed across the vast Wiland Digital Network™ that includes Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MSN and more than 20 other ad networks. This creates the possibility of bidding on over a million advertising opportunities per second. Prospect scoring optimizes ad spend by automatically bidding higher for the best prospects and spending less to reach lower-scoring audiences. Campaigns are monitored and optimized to maximize response, and publishers are provided with detailed, yet easy-to-read, reports on performance.    

Proven Digital Solutions for Publishers  

To address the unique needs of publishers, Wiland has developed four digital advertising programs that can be customized to meet your requirements.    

Subscriber Acquisition Marketing

Affordably acquire new subscribers with precisely targeted ads, optimized in real time for maximum performance. Ads are served only to the individuals who score sufficiently high in a custom model developed for each specific title. This means that ads reach the right people, at the right frequency, and with the right offer. This pinpoint accuracy increases the likelihood of response and reduces cost per acquisition. If desired, geographic and/or demographic criteria can also be incorporated. This delivers subscribers where needed, and assures they are in the precise demographic audience targeted to grow your subscriber base and attract your ideal advertisers.    

Subscriber Renewal and Reactivation

Wiland Digital Solutions™ enables increased revenue and profit from current and expired subscribers. Renewal and reactivation programs can be tailored to meet your needs, with messaging customized based on active vs. inactive status, date of expiration, and demographic desirability. For example, you can:  

  • Develop a unique series of ads to renew active subscribers early
  • Support direct mail renewal program if subscribers do not renew early
  • Appeal to expires based on their primary areas of interest
  • Focus on a title's ideal subscribers, spending more to renew people who are demographically or geographically desirable

Website Retargeting

Wiland Digital Solutions™ can recognize visitors to your website, determine if they are current subscribers, determine if they are in the desired Target Audience, and then serve different ads based on status. Current subscribers who visit your site can be asked to renew early, upgrade their subscription, or be offered other services (e.g., books, subscriptions to sister titles). Expired subscribers who visit the site can be recognized as such and encouraged to renew. Non-subscribing prospects receive their own unique set of offers. In each case, incremental conversions are tracked.         

Some website visitors will renew or subscribe anyway; so Wiland tracks the true incrementality of response, enabling publishers to know if retargeting campaigns are worth the budget assigned. Moreover, Wiland Digital Solutions™ develops audiences based on the content browsed on your site and allows you to tailor your marketing messages to those consumers according to the content they are most interested in.

Email and Direct Mail Co-Targeting

Because Wiland Digital Solutions™ leverages the same in-depth consumer data used in our other direct marketing solutions, you now have the ability to deploy truly integrated, multi-channel subscriber acquisition and renewal campaigns. By simultaneously reaching people online, via email and through direct mail, publishers can have greater confidence that their messaging is being received and reinforced, and response objectives will be achieved.

Collectively, these four services give publishers unparalleled access to precisely targeted audiences while accurately measuring their digital advertising efforts.    

Key Considerations  

Savvy marketing professionals know that successful campaigns don't just happen. They are the result of smart strategy, compelling offers and precise implementation. Accordingly, here are some key considerations and strategic issues that should be considered as Wiland Digital Solutions™ is implemented for digital marketing campaigns:    

Audience and Offer Are Still the Most Important Considerations

Digital ads need to quickly engage the appropriate audience and generate a response. They need to be interesting enough to capture a reader's imagination and make a compelling offer. Then, the associated landing page should deliver additional information, emphasizing the benefits of subscribing and presenting a compelling subscription offer. Finally, the actual process of subscribing must be easy.    

Testing–What to Test and How to Test It

Most publishers have spent years (decades actually) testing and refining their non-digital subscription promotions. Historically, most have relied on the direct mail channel, and have tested extensively within that channel. Similarly, testing and refinement are equally important for optimizing digital offers. Committing to a program of testing and optimizing—rather than a one-time test—will be crucial to digital advertising success.  

Fortunately, Wiland makes testing easy. In fact, low-cost testing is one of the hallmarks of Wiland Digital Solutions™. Unlike some digital programs that require large budgets to test a single ad, Wiland can zero in on your best prospects, find them online and test ad/offer effectiveness at a low cost.    

Measuring Incremental Lift

Traditional online media programs often use negotiated windows in which a campaign is credited for every consumer it touches, whether or not the campaign actually caused the consumer to respond. But Wiland digital campaigns employ a statistically valid test/holdout methodology that accounts for conversion events that would have happened anyway. This allows for accurate measurement of true campaign lift, and enables a strategy of investment only in the activities that produce verified incremental results.    

Adopt a Wise View-Through Conversion Attribution Methodology

The methodology for attributing a subscription to a digital advertisement is crucial. The most conservative thing to do is to only give credit to digital ads when someone clicks and immediately subscribes.

The problem is that this is not how most consumers behave. 

Some website visitors never even see the ad being served; others see the ad but decide to check it out later; some click and glance at the landing page, but are too busy to act on an offer; and a few click and immediately subscribe. Many will be influenced by the ad, but then use search engines, social media, additional website visits and other ways to evaluate an offer before returning to the site to subscribe.  

This is a complex ecosystem of response behaviors that raises important questions:  

  • Which eventual subscribers were influenced by a digital ad?
  • How much were they influenced?
  • Did the digital ad really matter?  

These are the right questions to ask. It is important that they be answered wisely.  

Wiland Digital Solutions™ does not seek the highest degree of attribution (claiming greater attribution credits for the campaigns we manage). Rather, we focus on maximizing measurement accuracy. Attribution is important. But measuring incremental subscription activity is more important.  

With this in mind, Wiland performs clean holdout testing which enables reporting on overall lift in generated conversions. Consequently, attribution windows are much less important because both test and holdout analyses use the same click and view-through attribution windows. As a result of this methodology, the value associated with a given digital advertising campaign becomes a matter of fact, not speculative attribution methods.    

Respecting Consumer Privacy and Choice

It is vital to communicate with consumers the types of information that is collected about them, how it is used, and to provide them a mechanism to opt out of such usage. Wiland Digital Solutions provides this notice and choice within each ad we serve. Additionally, all consumer data contributed to the Wiland cooperative database and the Wiland Proprietary Linkage Network (PLN) is protected by industry-best privacy protocols. Wiland continues to set the pace in consumer privacy protection even as we help publishers leverage the highly detailed information in our cooperative database and linkage network. Wiland is a member of trade associations that publish and promote best practices in privacy. We are committed to complying with these best practices and encouraging our clients to do so also.    

Getting Started  

It is easy to get started, and testing Wiland Digital Solutions™ is very affordable. Most of the nation's publishers are already participating in the Wiland cooperative. If you are not yet a member, by joining you will benefit from Wiland's state-of-the-art digital and offline solutions, as well as participation in the Wiland Proprietary Linkage Network. You will maximize the understanding of your current subscribers and your best prospects based on continuously updated transactional and subscription data.

Wiland's publishing industry specialists and digital support teams are here to assist you. They can answer any questions you have, provide a free initial consultation, and enable you to test our digital advertising services before making a commitment to a larger engagement.

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