Niwot, CO – May 10, 2017 – Wiland, Inc., a leader in advanced data-driven marketing solutions, has announced the launch of its new business intelligence product: Wiland Insights™. Created to make an organization’s business data clear and actionable, Wiland Insights™ enables users to explore, visualize, and leverage information in ways never before possible. The product is designed to meet the needs of multichannel retailers, nonprofits, and other organizations that generate large amounts of transactional data.

“We began the development of this product by asking all the questions that marketers, merchandisers, and fundraisers should be asking themselves,” said Phil Wiland, president and chairman of Wiland, Inc. “Then we answered them—and Wiland Insights™ is the exciting result.”

Wiland Insights™ displays data visually using charts and tables that make it easy to interpret and share reports in presentations. Users access reports though the Wiland Client Gateway—a secure, always-on portal for viewing, downloading and organizing reports. Reports are grouped by category and user relevance in order to maximize their effectiveness for various stakeholders within an organization. The robust reporting solution, consisting of more than 150 unique reports, offers actionable intelligence on an organization’s vital business metrics including:

  • Revenue trends and patterns
  • Consumer behavior, preferences, and interests
  • Merchandise category performance
  • New-to-file performance
  • Geographic and demographic factors
  • Channel preferences
  • Market penetration
  • And many other details

One of the most powerful features of Wiland Insights™ is its series of benchmark reports. Leveraging the comprehensive consumer data contained in the Wiland Database, benchmark reports enable a business or nonprofit to see how its performance metrics compare with those of others in its category—information never before available to most organizations.

“Our company is uniquely positioned to create a solution like this,” added Mr. Wiland. “Our detailed transaction data on virtually every U.S. adult includes billions of transactions and trillions in spending. This data, combined with our sophisticated analytics and years of expertise, enabled this breakthrough in business intelligence.”

Wiland Insights™ users will enjoy many benefits including:

  • The ability to confidently set long-term strategy and make highly informed tactical decisions
  • Data-driven justification for consumer brands to launch new product lines and eliminate or adapt low-performing ones
  • Identification of market trends, opportunities, and potential vulnerabilities
  • The ability to measure performance vs. category and sector based on Wiland’s proprietary benchmark data

“Beyond making Wiland Insights™ powerful, we have made it affordable for our clients,” said Tom Murray, EVP, Client Services. “A solution of this magnitude would normally require a company to make a huge investment in time, talent, and technology. But we’ve made Wiland Insights™ accessible to organizations of all sizes through an affordable subscription model based on a client’s file size.”

For more information about Wiland Insights™, visit

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