Wiland Announces New Washington, D.C. Location

Wiland, Inc, a leading marketing intelligence company, announced the location of its new Washington, D.C. office. Wiland, headquartered in Colorado, opened an Alexandria office several years ago to be closer to and better serve its nonprofit charitable and political clients.

“This new space is nearly twice as large as our first Alexandria office, and it’s in a great location with easy access for our clients,” said Dan Wells, Division Vice President. “Our office’s onsite conference space will allow us to host events with organizations in the area as we offer opportunities to learn about the latest data-driven fundraising solutions.”

Every day, hundreds of the nation’s leading nonprofit charitable and political organizations benefit from Wiland’s unique ability to predict the response behavior of prospective, active, and lapsed donors. By delivering highly responsive donor audiences for deployment in acquisition and reactivation campaigns, Wiland enables its nonprofit clients to affordably achieve their most ambitious fundraising objectives and fulfill the missions they feel so passionately about.

Interested parties can visit https://wiland.com/industry-solutions/charitable/ or https://wiland.com/industry-solutions/political/ to learn more about Wiland’s nonprofit fundraising and other solutions.

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Phil Wiland Inducted into Boulder County Business Hall of Fame

We are excited to announce that our Chairman and CEO Phil Wiland has been inducted into the Boulder County Business Hall of Fame.

Founded in 1992, the Boulder County Business Hall of Fame is dedicated to the encouragement of business excellence in Boulder County. Hall of Fame inductees are individuals who have displayed the highest level of ethics in their business dealings. Their efforts in business have resulted in immediate and long-term community-wide economic and social benefits.

Having launched and sold multiple successful companies in the Boulder area, Phil has been a pillar in the community, setting a high standard of integrity, innovation, and company culture. For this and many other reasons, the company is a repeat winner of the Denver Post Top Places to Work award.

Beyond his local influence, Phil is a nationally recognized marketing pioneer. In the 1980s, as the founder of Wiland Services, he developed the first artificial intelligence merge/purge system and the first national directory of postal carrier routes (before the US Post Office even had one). He also pioneered the automated production of sophisticated statistical marketing audience models.

In 1992, Phil established a new catalog company located in Longmont that included the flagship Colorful Images catalog. The following decade saw the company launch six additional titles and acquire another.

The use of transaction data and predictive modeling in his 1992 catalog business led to the launch of his current company, Wiland, Inc., in 2005. The company has enjoyed explosive growth from a small start-up to being the industry leader in market share, innovation, and client loyalty. The company currently has more than 200 employees located in Colorado, and another 30+ working in offices across the country.

Phil takes special interest in helping others on their career paths. Because of this, each year Wiland hires local university graduates and others, introducing them to data-driven marketing. Dozens of industry veterans who started out working for Phil are now among the leaders in advertising and marketing technology. He is a highly sought keynote speaker at marketing conferences and continues to mentor and advise leaders in the industry.

Phil’s success, as he mentioned at the Hall of Fame induction, can be summed up by the sign outside his office that reads: “Work Hard and Be Nice.”

Scrooge & Marley, Inc. Retains Wiland to Solve Customer Acquisition Challenges

Haunted by a decline in customer engagement, Scrooge & Marley, Inc. recently turned to predictive marketing innovator Wiland, Inc. to discover the source of its acquisition troubles and identify intelligence-driven solutions to remedy them.


A historic mainstay in its industry, Scrooge & Marley, Inc. fulfills a variety of business needs for individual and corporate clients. Offering services including accounting, bookkeeping, and financial advisement, this counting-house had a longstanding reputation for adhering to a tight-fisted mentality in which cold, hard facts were king, and all human sympathy was kept at a distance. After a mysterious, yet-to-be-explained holiday marketing epiphany, however, CEO Ebenezer Scrooge is rumored to have revitalized his brand with a renewed focus on merriment, jolliness, and generosity.


Scrooge & Marley, Inc. had experienced a steady downturn in prospecting and customer retention and was haunted by low customer engagement, most acutely at the onset of the holiday season. Seeking to significantly grow its prospecting program while keeping expenses minimal, Scrooge & Marley, Inc. turned to Wiland to solve its acquisition and engagement woes.


Wiland developed three solutions for Scrooge & Marley, Inc. to help it further understand and take action to remedy its dismal customer engagement. These solutions addressed three strategic areas:

Business Past

Scrooge & Marley, Inc. leveraged the Wiland Insights™ library of actionable business intelligence reports to examine how its business practices contributed to declining customer engagement. Utilizing Wiland Insights benchmarking reports, the brand was also able to determine whether this prolonged dive was isolated or if it had affected other organizations in its highly competitive financial services category.

Business Present

To address the pressing acquisition and brand awareness needs of Scrooge & Marley, Inc., Wiland managed a digital display campaign that served ads to prospects with the highest likelihood of providing high long-term value. Wiland’s vast, proprietary data and predictive analytics helped to find new customers for Scrooge & Marley, Inc. as well as reactivate lapsed customers driven away by their glum, irritable ways.

Business Future

Benefitting from Wiland’s sophisticated machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive modeling techniques, Scrooge & Marley, Inc. was able to gain an understanding of its prospects and customers as never before. The best predictor of future spending behavior is past spending behavior, and Wiland’s vast data resources highlighted a propensity to engage with more cheerful companies amongst the brand’s top prospects.


These initiatives resulted in the discovery of prospective customers likely to produce high response rates and long-term value for Scrooge & Marley, Inc. if the brand could change its outlook, placing a premium not just on expertise, but also general merriment and goodwill.

As a result, CEO Ebenezer Scrooge and his CMO have decided to overhaul the image of their brand from the top down to be more generous, grateful, and cheerful. These changes include large initiatives, such as improving their charitable giving program, to smaller changes, including thawing their office and raising it to a more welcoming temperature in the winter months.

Scrooge & Marley, Inc. looks forward to continuing its partnership with Wiland, ensuring it is leveraging the industry’s best data-driven marketing solutions and insights to achieve its best possible customer engagement now and into the future.

“I used to say that darkness is cheap, and that’s why I liked it,” said Scrooge & Marley, Inc. CEO Ebenezer Scrooge. “Wiland’s solutions helped me realize that making myself merry in all my business and personal dealings will not only greatly benefit my brand, but also my way of life as a whole. Bah humbug no more!”

Wiland Digital Co-Targeting Provides Clients with Turnkey Solution to Boost Campaign Success

Wiland’s suite of intelligence-driven marketing solutions are proven to drive increased response in both direct mail and digital campaigns. And, when combined to create a multichannel marketing strategy, these solutions result in a highly effective dual approach that brings a measurable boost to the campaigns of brands and organizations across industries.

Digital co-targeting from Wiland is a remarkably simple method for brands and organizations to increase visibility and response. Using the names on a client’s net file, Wiland creates an audience for digital advertising that runs before, during, and after the client’s mailing. This reinforces the direct mail campaign and helps the client to win the battle for top-of-mind awareness, especially during the competitive holiday buying and year-end giving season.

“The names on your net file are highly qualified customers and prospects, so it’s important to reach them across multiple channels,” says Will Clayton, Senior Vice President of Digital Product Management with Wiland. “Our co-targeting solution delivers this second touch easily, affordably, and with proven results.”

After receiving a client’s ad creative and landing page link, Wiland’s Managed Display Advertising team manages the entire co-targeting process. They identify the optimal budget and bidding strategy for the campaign, deploy ads across a broad network of major advertising platforms, continually optimize the campaign, and provide straightforward reporting on results. Wiland also works with clients to identify qualified names that are excluded from direct mail efforts, yet are still desirable to reach, and find those prospects, customers, and donors online—expanding reach at a fraction of the cost of direct mail.

To learn more about this powerful digital solution, interested parties can reach out to info@wiland.com.

Rob Reger Named President of Wiland, Inc. Cooperative Database Division

Wiland, Inc., a provider of intelligence-driven predictive marketing solutions, today announced that Rob Reger has been named President of the company’s Cooperative Database Division. He had previously served as Senior Vice President, Solutions and Insights for Wiland’s Ultimate Data Division. Mr. Reger brings more than 25 years of industry expertise and leadership to his new role. He will be succeeding Tom Murray, who had served in the position since 2012 and will be moving to a new role pioneering strategic initiatives for the company’s future solutions set.

“Rob’s experience, client relationships, and commitment to our industry make him uniquely qualified to lead the Cooperative Database Division,” said company Chairman and CEO Phil Wiland. “He has tremendous insight into the needs of today’s marketers as well as how the latest technology and data science can address those needs.”

Wiland’s Cooperative Database is the largest consumer intelligence resource of its kind—a repository of massive first-party data contributed by thousands of participating brands and organizations. By applying sophisticated predictive modeling techniques to this vast data, Wiland is able to deliver ultra-responsive marketing audiences for targeted media buying across all addressable channels and devices. Wiland’s superior marketing audiences, in combination with the company’s sophisticated marketing optimization and business intelligence solutions, form a comprehensive suite of products that solve today’s greatest marketing challenges.

Prior to joining Wiland, Mr. Reger held leadership positions in both data-centric and creative roles at companies including Epsilon, Datamark, Inc., Amrion, Inc., American Family Publishers, Rodale Publishing, and Prentice-Hall/Simon & Schuster. An active member of the direct marketing governance community, Mr. Reger has been part of the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) Ethics Operating Committee since 2009, having served as Chair in 2015 and 2016. He is also a five-time DMA Echo Award judge and has served on the Board of Trustees for DMA’s Marketing Edge organization.

“Wiland’s innovative, client-centric, and ethical perspective sets the standard for our industry,” said Mr. Reger. “I look forward to furthering the company’s mission to deliver the future by helping our clients achieve their most ambitious marketing objectives.”

About Wiland, Inc.

Wiland, Inc. is a provider of intelligence-driven predictive marketing solutions, including high-response marketing audiences, marketing optimization solutions, and business intelligence, serving thousands of brands and organizations in multiple industries. Leveraging the vast transaction-level data of the Wiland Cooperative Database, the company’s response prediction technology delivers products and solutions that fuel client success in all marketing channels. For more information, visit www.wiland.com.

Wiland Announces Addition to Business Intelligence Product Suite: Wiland Insights™ for Publishers

Wiland, Inc., a trusted data partner providing intelligence-driven marketing solutions to organizations across multiple industries, has announced that their business intelligence solution Wiland Insights is now available for the publishing industry.

Utilizing the actionable intelligence of Wiland Insights to explore, visualize, and leverage their business data in ways never before possible, publishers are empowered to improve subscriber growth and retention. By gaining a comprehensive view of their subscribers’ behavior, their spending propensities in multiple consumer categories, and publishing industry benchmarks, publishers can take more informed, more strategic actions to position their titles for increased success.

“The publishing industry has seen a tremendous change in recent years,” said Jan Chandler, Division Vice President with Wiland. “As the space continues to evolve, we are thrilled to offer publishers the opportunity to use business intelligence to successfully navigate the challenges they are facing.”

Through a collection of powerful reports—many of which are informed by the vast, comparative perspective of the Wiland Cooperative Database—publishing clients using Wiland Insights receive proprietary intelligence on their vital business metrics. This enables them to:

  • Pinpoint and capitalize on optimal editorial and advertising opportunities based on subscriber spending behaviors
  • Maximize marketing efforts to grow a stable, loyal subscriber base and increase retention by discovering the prospects and current subscribers most likely to have high long-term value
  • Formulate strategies based on known gaps and vulnerabilities by understanding how retention rates, file growth, and other key metrics compare in their category
  • Prioritize solutions that make the most sense for their business by determining the macro trends shaping the industry

The addition of Wiland Insights for publishers complements the highly regarded business intelligence reporting solution Wiland has developed for multichannel retail, nonprofit and other sectors. To learn more about this expansion of Wiland Insights, interested parties can visit https://wiland.com/what-we-deliver/business-intelligence/ or contact info@wiland.com.