Automotive Market Expert Mike Gingell Joins Wiland

Niwot, CO – September 15, 2016 – Wiland, Inc., a leading business intelligence and data-driven marketing solutions provider, announced that Mike Gingell has joined the company to serve as Senior Vice President in the automotive services group. Gingell comes to Wiland with 20-plus years of experience in automotive market analysis, data acquisition, product management, and sales.

With the nation’s premier database of consumer transactional data as a foundation, Wiland’s entry into the automotive market signals a new opportunity for automobile manufacturers and large dealer groups. They will be able to gain new insights into buyer behavior capable of driving highly targeted marketing programs.

“Mike is an accomplished professional with a passion for the automotive industry,” said Phil Wiland, president and chairman of Wiland, Inc. “His tremendous experience and leadership will contribute to our success in this market.”

Wiland provides data-driven marketing solutions in online and offline channels for a wide range of consumer sectors including multichannel retail, home and personal services, publishing, travel and hospitality, and others. With detailed transactional data on virtually every adult consumer in the U.S., Wiland offers marketers a unique, 360-degree view of their prospects and customers. This depth of insight gives Wiland clients a competitive edge in each of their respective industries.

“Wiland’s leadership in consumer data is second to none,” Gingell said. “The company’s sustained growth is testimony to its ability to help companies identify, engage, and cultivate new buyers while optimizing relationships with existing customers. Wiland’s entry into this market brings these same opportunities to the nation’s leading automotive brands.”

Based in Detroit, Gingell will serve as Wiland’s primary liaison with marketing and business intelligence leaders in the automobile industry. Previously, Gingell has served as Vice President, Corporate Development and Global Market Analysis Products at IHS Automotive and Vice President, Corporate Development at R. L. Polk & Co. He has served on numerous boards and leadership committees throughout his career.

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