Phil Wiland Named Silver Apple Award Honoree

September 9, 2016 –

We had some exciting news here at Wiland this week: Our President and Chairman Phil Wiland was awarded the prestigious Silver Apple Award by the Direct Marketing Club of New York (DMCNY).

The award honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the growth and practice of direct, digital and data-driven marketing during a career spanning at least 25 years. The award also recognizes innovators who excel in leadership and giving back to the community.

That certainly describes Phil, with his storied career and outstanding accomplishments. He has been one of the great pioneers in direct marketing technology, going back to his first company in the 1970s.

These are just a few of Phil’s achievements:

  • He developed the first national directory of postal carrier routes for his clients by the time the U.S. Postal Service began offering pre-sort discounts
  • He developed the first merge/purge and mail processing system to use artificial intelligence to purge duplicates from mailing lists, while integrating other services such as data overlay and penetration analysis.
  • He introduced sophisticated predictive modeling solutions for use in direct mail, enabling fundraisers and marketers to reach audiences with greater precision and less waste.
  • He launched seven entirely new catalog brands, building them to three million 12-month buyers. The company began generating millions of dollars in online revenue before most companies even had a website!
  • Wiland, Inc. (formerly Wiland Direct), opened for business in 2005, and quickly became known as the leader in predictive analytics and responsive audience modeling. Today, we provide data-driven solutions to more than 3,000 retailers, publishers, charities, and other organizations.

You can read Phil’s profile on the Direct Marketing Club’s website here.

Phil’s visionary ideas continue to re-shape our industry—so stay tuned as we have several exciting new marketing intelligence and predictive modeling products that will be deploying in the months ahead.

Please join me in congratulating Phil on his well-deserved award for the kind of innovation and leadership we get to experience firsthand here at Wiland every day.