Wiland Digital Co-Targeting Provides Clients with Turnkey Solution to Boost Campaign Success

Niwot, CO – October 23, 2018 – Wiland’s suite of intelligence-driven marketing solutions are proven to drive increased response in both direct mail and digital campaigns. And, when combined to create a multichannel marketing strategy, these solutions result in a highly effective dual approach that brings a measurable boost to the campaigns of brands and organizations across industries.

Digital co-targeting from Wiland is a remarkably simple method for brands and organizations to increase visibility and response. Using the names on a client’s net file, Wiland creates an audience for digital advertising that runs before, during, and after the client’s mailing. This reinforces the direct mail campaign and helps the client to win the battle for top-of-mind awareness, especially during the competitive holiday buying and year-end giving season.

“The names on your net file are highly qualified customers and prospects, so it’s important to reach them across multiple channels,” says Will Clayton, Senior Vice President of Digital Product Management with Wiland. “Our co-targeting solution delivers this second touch easily, affordably, and with proven results.”

After receiving a client’s ad creative and landing page link, Wiland’s Managed Display Advertising team manages the entire co-targeting process. They identify the optimal budget and bidding strategy for the campaign, deploy ads across a broad network of major advertising platforms, continually optimize the campaign, and provide straightforward reporting on results. Wiland also works with clients to identify qualified names that are excluded from direct mail efforts, yet are still desirable to reach, and find those prospects, customers, and donors online—expanding reach at a fraction of the cost of direct mail.

To learn more about this powerful digital solution, interested parties can reach out to info@wiland.com.

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