Mark Todd

VP, New Business Development

Mark was introduced to the world of publishing in a tough but terrific way: taking phone calls from disgruntled subscribers. To hear him tell it, that was a great training ground for learning about people and publishing. He then managed the call center before moving up to client account management. When he moved to Experian, he learned about the analytical and cooperative database environment, along with helping clients better manage their audience development strategies. Now that he's found his dream job at Wiland, he's never looked back.

In his so-called off hours (after work, travel, raising five kids, plus biking and hiking with them) Mark is an accomplished musician, playing clubs, weddings and parties in one of his two professional bands. It's here that his love of interacting with and getting to know people finds creative expression. Not a traditional sales type, Mark has a desire to truly get to know and help each person he meets. This natural characteristic comes through and translates into success, which plays just the right chord and strikes just the right note—real music to Mark's ears.

Bottle Cap Wisdom: The best way to sell—don't sell.

Bumper Sticker Philosophy: You get out of it what you put into it.

Favorite Quote: "Whether you think you can, or think you can't—you're right." —Henry Ford

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