Brent Eskew

EVP, Sales and Marketing

Brent is one of those larger-than-life people, with his infectious smile, limitless energy, and easy manner who you can't help but like. After University of Colorado Law School, this proud Colorado son of a wheat farmer and rancher became deputy district attorney in two Colorado Front Range cities: Golden and Fort Collins. There he gained a reputation as an accomplished courtroom litigator in more than 300 successful trials. In 1997, he founded, one of the top Internet sites offering relocation assistance and information about the best places to live in America.

Brent is all about excellence—which brought him to Wiland where he and his team handle new client acquisition and business development for a diverse range of business sectors including: retail, nonprofit, publishing, travel and leisure, home and personal services, as well as CPG and grocery. Their efforts cover both traditional direct marketing as well as reaching online audiences through digital display advertising.

Brent loves hiking, snowshoeing, alpine skiing, rafting, four-wheeling, and dirt biking. He has summited 42 mountain peaks with elevations of over 14,000 feet! He says that the critical thinking and perseverance required to reach those summits mirrors his work at Wiland when it comes to understanding the challenges and opportunities faced by prospective clients.

Brent revels in having his daughters Jordan and Taylor and his "awesome" wife Erin join him on his many sporting adventures.


Bottle Cap Wisdom: Be a common man with an uncommon will to succeed.

Bumper Sticker Philosophy: Good things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustled.

Favorite Quote: "Risk happens, and if we want to restrict ourselves to things where risk can't happen, we'll never do anything very interesting at all." —Dan Canin

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