High-Performance Digital Audiences


Available at Leading DSPs and Platforms


A Great Campaign Deserves a Great Audience

Make sure your digital advertising is reaching all the right people. Ultra-responsive, spend-based Wiland audiences are built from the largest set of consumer spending and interest-intensity signals ever assembled. They produce the best possible results in campaigns across all digital channels.

Real Spending Data Makes a Real Difference

While many audiences rely primarily on demographic data, Wiland audiences are fueled by real consumer spending data—the best predictor of future spending behavior. They’re also uniquely built using vast social media engagement data to inform purchase intent. That’s why Wiland audiences outperform typical syndicated segments in producing the excellent response rates and ROAS you need for your campaigns.

Available Where You Need Them

You’ll find Wiland audiences at leading DSPs and other platforms, including LiveRamp, The Trade Desk, Google, Adobe, Eyeota, Viant Adelphic, and others. They can also be delivered for activation to 160+ DSPs as well as Facebook and other walled gardens. (Please Note: You will find Wiland audiences listed as “Ultimate Data” audiences at some platforms.)

Testing… Testing…

See the results for yourself: test Wiland audiences along with the syndicated segments you are currently using to see how their performance compares. To find Wiland audiences built especially for your category at your preferred DSP, just search for “Wiland” along with your other audience search keywords. Or contact us to find the perfect audience for your upcoming campaigns.

Wiland’s 2,400+ digital audiences cover numerous categories, including:

• Apparel and Footwear
• Appliances
• Automotive
• Baby and Children’s Products
• B2B
• Charitable Nonprofit
• Consumer Services
• CPG and Grocery
• Dining and Entertainment
• Electronics
• Furniture and Décor
• Gifts and Gadgets
• Home Improvement
• Insurance and Finance
• News and Magazines
• Subscription Retail
• Travel and Hospitality
• Video and Streaming