A Lifetime of Commitment


Phil Wiland Named Recipient of the Max Hart Achievement Award


Not a day goes by that Phil Wiland isn’t thinking about how to help nonprofit organizations be more successful. His visionary leadership in the development of our products is helping clients in the nonprofit community achieve ever-greater outcomes from their fundraising investments. The result? More money is raised more efficiently, and that translates into more people around the globe being housed, clothed, and fed…more communities being enriched with the arts and critical social services…more wildlife and natural spaces being preserved and protected. The list goes on.

In recognition of Phil’s pioneering work and 50-year career of commitment to the nonprofit community, he was honored on February 20 with the ANA Nonprofit Federation’s 2020 Max Hart Achievement Award. Presented annually at the ANA DC Nonprofit Conference, the award recognizes outstanding lifetime careers characterized by a deep commitment to the charitable nonprofit sector.

The recipient of this prestigious award is recognized for exhibiting these attributes:

  • Achievement, innovation, and leadership in the marketing community throughout his or her career
  • Serving as a source of inspiration and encouragement to others by exemplifying the highest standards in his or her work
  • Commitment to the professional development of others through shared knowledge and mentorship

Phil has exemplified these virtues throughout his career, and these contributions continue as he serves as our company’s Chairman and CEO. His 2020 goals for the company that you’ll find hanging on the walls at Wiland offices across the country include a statement about being successful in business. In his view, success is all about taking good care of the company’s valued constituencies, beginning with our clients, but also extending to our partners, vendors, and employees, as well as the consumers and donors who our clients engage every day.

In addition to our company being recognized as an industry leader, we are also known for our culture of honesty, integrity, and goodness. Phil leads by example in creating this positive environment, one that is expressed in the simple philosophy on the sign outside his office: Work Hard and Be Nice.