You Make the World Better. We Make Your Fundraising Better.

Every day, thousands of America’s most respected nonprofits rely on Wiland to help them reach large universes of high-value donors—people who respond to appeals now, and who will give multiple gifts in the future. We are the most trusted partner to nonprofit fundraisers for one simple reason: we deliver the best results, year after year.

Through unrivaled data and insights—the largest donor database in America—combined with our AI-enabled response prediction platform, we help you improve the performance of your donor acquisition campaigns across all addressable channels and devices including display, direct mail, mobile, social, video, email, and advanced television.

We also have sophisticated tools for optimizing the revenue potential of your current donor relationships as well as an AI-driven methodology for reactivating lapsed donors most likely to re-engage.

The result? More frequent giving from more donors.

And that means increased revenue to fuel your mission.

Target Smarter. Grow Faster.

Put the power of our brand-level spending data and response prediction technology to work in your next campaign.

  • How can we help today?

Wiland helped us identify which lapsed donors would be the most likely to respond to future appeals. The precision with which we’ve been able to find lapsed donors has had a profound effect on our marketing and overall profitability.”

Director of Marketing